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The Incredible Performance Enhancing Bracelet

Updated on May 4, 2012

The Incredible Performance Enhancing Bracelet

New styles of clothing become fashion trends seemingly every week. One of the most popular trends among athletes everywhere is the Power Balance Wristband. The wristband has become so popular that it may be considered a cultural phenomenon. The Power Balance Wristband has become a cultural phenomenon thanks to its fashionable style, endorsement by big-time profession athletes, and the positive effects it is said to have on athletic ability.

In January of 2006, a company known as Power Balance emerged, making products that now have exploded into popularity among athletes across the world. Power Balance’s most popular product is their wristband. This wristband is said to increase athletic ability or performance. How does it increase one’s athletic ability? That is what makes the Power Balance Wristband so popular and intriguing to the world. The science behind it is that there is a polyester film hologram within the wristband. The polyester film hologram is said to work after being programmed through a proprietary process. The process is said to be designed after Eastern philosophies that have been prevalent for centuries.

It all depends on what you are looking for when you buy a Power Balance Wristband. If you are merely buying the wristband for fashion, it works. The Power Balance Wristband has become such a cultural phenomenon that ostensibly everyone will recognize it. I feel that I am complimented on my Power Balance Wristband just about everywhere that I go. I am constantly approached and asked if the Power Balance Wristband actually works and if I love it. If you are looking for the Power Balance simply for its looks and are willing to spend the money on it then it will be worth it. If you are looking for a boost in athletic ability, then it is a different story.

People say that Power Balance works for them. Honestly, I have always been skeptical about how I truly feel about the wristband. I actually have one myself. It was given to me by my brother as a joke. When I first wore my Power Balance wristband it was simply because it was a style that looked good. The wristband looks good, because you see professional athletes such as Shaquille O’Neal, Lamar Odom, Derek Rose, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, and Kobe Bryant wearing them, and it immediately becomes cool and desirable. But that day that I put my wristband on, I played a few pick-up basketball games with some of the varsity basketball players at my high school. I have always been decent at basketball, but never played for any organized team, however; today I ran the show. I scored over half of my points on my team in the first game, and continued to dominate for the rest of the day. I kept thinking to myself, “Where in the world did that come from? Couldn’t be the wristband. Could it?” I do not think it was the wrist band. But I do think that it was very weird, and I can see people taking an incident like such and using it as proof that Power Balance works.

Although many people strongly believe that Power Balance Wristbands enhance athletic performance, there are many who strongly disagree. I have a friend, for example, named Sam who cannot stand the idea of someone being fooled by Power Balance. Sam is a very hard-headed person, and is very passionate about his negative feelings towards Power Balance Wristbands. Any time the topic of whether or not the wristband works, Sam explodes into a rant that can basically be summed up at this: Power Balance does not work, and the company wants people to believe that they do so that they can make a substantial profit by selling each band for $30.00 when they do not cost nearly that much to make. In a way, I agree with Sam. I think that Power Balance is rather expensive, and I do not know how a simple hologram could significantly affect one’s ability to be successful in a sport or any athletic activity.

Although I do agree with my friend, that Power Balance does not directly enhance athletic ability, I think it may indirectly aid you. After wearing Power Balance for a while, I began to realize that I just seem to notice my athletic accomplishments more. I felt more confident wearing the wristband. I think that maybe the way Power Balance wristbands really work is by making one think that it is making a difference. The person then goes into the game feeling more confident, and therefore performing better. It may all be in one’s mind, but if it helps you succeed in sports, then Power Balance is working whether it is the holograms giving you positive energy or you just being more confident.

The idea that one may better himself simply by purchasing and wearing a bracelet is fascinating to anyone. How could this Power Balance Wristband not become a cultural phenomenon? It is inevitable. And with the super star athletes endorsing it, people will believe that it can work for them too. Athletes’ typical role models are super star athletes. When many of these professional athletes saying that Power Balance works for them, the people who look up to them are likely to purchase a wristband to be more like them. Millions of people everywhere buy Kobe Bryant Nike Basketball shoes, simply because they are “Kobe Bryant” shoes. And when Kobe Bryant racks up 50 points in a game, and is seen sporting a Power Balance Wristband, people will naturally want to buy it.

Power Balance is fascinating to athletes everywhere. It has become not only a popular style, but also, for some, a way to enhance athletic performance, and has therefore become a cultural phenomenon. Whether or not Power Balance Wristbands work is up for the buyer to decide. But if he or she is buying it for a stylistic purpose then it is irrelevant whether or not it helps him or her when playing sports. Bottom line is, Power Balance has swept the nation and is a cultural phenomenon.


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    • VirginiaLynne profile image

      Virginia Kearney 5 years ago from United States

      I had not heard of this before! I really like the way you have balanced your story with that of your friend. You do a good job of explaining how a trend develops--whether or not there is any basis behind a claim or not!