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The Influence Of Sport On Children's Health And Education

Updated on February 15, 2020

Sports have an amazing and unique way of making a positive impact in society. Whether it's helping children, communities or even nations, sports make a difference on a daily basis. Keeping fit and healthy are some of the long term positive effects associated with engaging in various sports activities. In addition, enhancing social skills is also another major effect of sports and of course not forgetting the money aspect that is involved in the sports industry.Research shows there’s a link between playing sport and self-esteem in children. The support of the team, a kind word from a coach, or achieving their personal best will all help children to feel better about themselves.

Studies have shown that sport has benefits for children’s physical health development and psychological health. Sport isn’t just good for children’s bodies;
it’s also a medicine for their minds. Sport as a physical activity has an immense impact as it teaches them important life skills. The involvement of various
children from different backgrounds also has many psychological and social benefits. Sport create an avenue for fun while learning new and invaluable skills.
Development from sport goes beyond learning new physical skills, it helps children to develop better ways to cope with life challenges.

Sport teaches children fair play. sport help children to learn how to control their emotions when they lose or win. Winning make them to be positive about life
and build their self confidence, while Losing teaches children to bounce back from disappointment, and help to cope with unpleasant experiences and help to be
resilient in the face of adversity. In a nutshell, through sport children learn how to be patience while channeling their negative feelings in a positive way.


Physical Activity

Physically active children are healthy children. Healthy children learn better. When students play sports, it requires them to memorize, repeat, and learn,
therefore it boost their retentive memory, increase reading and improved their performance in calculation subjects.

  • These are the benefits Physical activity on children:
  • Increased muscle strength and bones density
  • Improved fitness improves circulation, giving children a much-needed boost of energy, concentration, and focus
  • It strengthens the heart performance by pumpimg blood more effectively.
  • It increasing lung capacity to take in more oxygen and breath out more carbon dioxide.
  • It controls body weight by using up unused calories which are stored as fat during sport activities.
  • It helps to increase the circulation of cancer-preventive Hormones estrogen and insulin in the body.
  • It regulates blood pressure by making the blood vessel walls more flexible during physical actitivites

Social Activity

Sport also helps chlidren to develop valuable social skills and life lessons that they can carry with them through to adulthood.

Social skills that are learned during various sport activities like Bike rice, lung jum, rope jump assist children in growing into agile and smart adults.
It helps builds their social circle by making new friends and outside school.Growing up can be difficult,
Sport activities has been found to help children increase their self worth, confidence social skill. The benefits of social activities to childreen are:

  • It helps to be selfless and improve sense of belonging
  • It teaches how to be a Team player thereby help build their team skill
  • It helps to be a better Communicator
  • It helps to build the spirit of Fair play
  • It helps children to develop Leadership quality early in life.
  • It build high level of social confidence


Mental Health Activity

Mental health refers to how well a child develops healthy social and emotional behaviors. Good mental health allows children to learn new skills, think clearly,
and develop socially. When we are physically active our body releases serotonin which contributes to well-being of the body.
Children which engage in sport regularly staying active, allowing them to sleep better and helps them mentally sharp.

  • It boost the self-confidence and increase sense optimism.
  • It improves the ability to learn new skills quickly.
  • It improves mood and sense of self worth
  • It gives them the tenacity to cope when something is wrong
  • It gives them the ability to solve problem.
  • It reduces stress and depression
  • It improves concentration

Emotional benefits

Participating in sport regularly improves children’s overall emotional wellbeing. Sport activity stimulate chemicals in the brain that make you feel better.
According to Aspen Project Play, emotional characteristics such as attitude, attention, and concentration are superior among children who play school sports,
along with an aptitude for following rules and showing respect for others.

  • It improves mood and lower levels of stress
  • It improves level of confidence and self-esteem
  • It improves better academic performance

Observations has shown that sports leads to the growth of kids health and improved performance in education. We therefore encourage children to participate in sport and physical activities.


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