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The Ins and Outs of Lucha Underground: Episode 30

Updated on June 2, 2015

What's this? A Lucha Underground preview the night before the show?! What can I say, I live to give my fellow lucha libre fans what they want. And seeing as we just witnessed one of the best LU episodes ever one week ago, I see no harm in getting ourselves excited a little less than twenty four hours before show time. And it's a loaded one folks. There will be three matches, including a title match, a heated submission contest, a battle for one of Dario Cueto's Aztec Medallions and ANGELICO!!! That's almost enough to wipe away my sadness about the Moth and Mil Muertes likely not being there (fingers crossed that I'm wrong!). Hopefully there's also some more Dario Cueto segments, and some follow up on how he allowed Matanza to flat out kill a guy (we miss you Bael. Somewhat. Not really. Just kidding). If that doesn't get you excited...hopefully the next a thousand words or so will. We should get to that huh? ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

The Ins and Outs of Lucha Underground: Episode 30

Aztec Medallion Match

Jack Evans vs. Argenis

What to Expect: That's right kids; the man, the myth, the legend and (from what he tells me) the FIFA Champ is coming back to your TV screens tomorrow! And there will be another Aztec Medallion up for grabs, which is cool, except we have no idea what use the medallion is. Who cares? Evans is a beast, and not just at break dancing. He was excellent as a rudo just a few weeks ago against Aerostar, and I expect more of the same here against Argenis. And don't let Argenis' lack of LU success thus far fool you; this dude can go, and this will probably be the best showcase he's had since his debut against Angelico, Cage and Aerostar back in January. If nothing else, this should be a fun match. Just please Argenis, don't try to get into a break dance fight with the FIFA Champ. He'll beat you for sure there, even if it's fun watching Mugato's fantasy come to life.

Winner: Evans. Sorry Matt Mortensen, it's destiny. I say this goes ten minutes before wicked Jack puts Argenis down with some sort of crazy aerial move, followed by some break dancing and Evans stringing the medallion around his neck. The FIFA Champ needs some bling after all.

Submission Match

Pentagon Jr. vs. Sexy Star

What to Expect: If I may be so bold, this match here is perhaps the biggest man vs. woman match in the short history of LU. Credit the feud these two have had. Pentagon Jr. was on an unbelievable run before he ran into Sexy Star, and her ability to stay one step ahead of him has made him even more vicious than before. Super Fly was unmasked and had his arm broken for being in the middle of this feud for crying out loud! I don't think we're going to see a broken arm here, but I do think we're going to see a brutal contest, with Pentagon being the brutal rudo we all love and Sexy Star scratching and clawing her way back in. I can't be the only one who is expecting interference here, right?

Winner: As Sexy Star won the first match between these two, logic dictates that Pentagon gets the win back here. I think he's going to get an assist to from Super Fly. It was pretty telling last week when Sexy mentioned in her interview with Vampiro that she hadn't heard from Super Fly since she had unmasked him a couple months ago. I suspect he'll be coming for revenge here, and cost Sexy the match. The question then becomes; does Vamp get involved? Let it be known that I hope beyond all hope he does get involved! Vamp vs. Pentagon; MAKE IT HAPPEN LU!

Still epic!
Still epic!

Trios Tag Team Championship Match

Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico (c) vs. Big Ryck, DelAvar Daivari and Cage

What to Expect: YES! One week without the greatest Trios Team in the world today was one week too many! They're back now, presumably still as hostile as ever to each other. I've said before, I'll say it again; any time these three are onscreen, my eyes will be glued. You all know how I feel about Angelico, and he's always someone who can deliver an unbelievable moment in the blink of an eye. Son of Havoc is perhaps the most underrated wrestler in the Temple, LU's version of Daniel Bryan (what I wouldn't give for a beard vs. beard match between those two). And hey, let's not forget Ivelisse, who's not just a wrestling pioneer, but a young woman who has worked two straight huge matches on a massively injured leg! You don't see Rusev doing that in WWE right now, do you (all apologies Rusev, I'm just using you as an example. Get well, come find us in the LU!)? Forget baddest bitch in the building, Ivelisse is just a straight up badass. Of Michael Ironside proportions dare I say!

As for their opponents, well the present an interesting dynamic. Cage has been excellent recently, and I expect no different from him here as he should be his team's workhorse. What will be most compelling is how Big Ryck and Daivari fit into this whole deal. Remember, up until a few weeks ago, Big Ryck was hanging out with Killshot and The Mack. Now he's just tossed them aside because Daivari offered the Ryckster some moolah to eliminate Texano? I have to think The Mack and Killshot will at least make a ring side appearance here (and if not, certainly a backstage one), and I most certainly believe Texano will be heard from in this match. Combine all the layers and all the story this match has, and it should go off like gangbusters. The best trios title match yet? It's got potential.

Winner: The champs are retaining. First off, I can't pick against them anyway; my favorite guy is part of the team (Come at me Evans!). Secondly, the variables working against the challengers are too big to ignore, and I expect Ryck and Daivari to be distracted by an interfering Texano, The Mack, Killshot or all three. Thus, poor Cage will at some point find himself alone, and the champs will retain the gold. Don't worry Cage; there's always your Mega Championship match against Alberto El Patron later this month. Provided he gets the glass out of his head first.

That's it guys! I'll be back tomorrow with an Eddie Guerrero column, with some help from Matt Mortensen. Till then, get excited for the LU, drink more water, go see Mad Max: Fury Road again (I did, and it was GLORIOUS ONCE MORE!), watch some of that old school WCW Lucha Libre, load up for tomorrow night's Vampiro drinking game, and of course, accept Dario Cueto as your homeboy!

He even pulls off the shades indoors!
He even pulls off the shades indoors!

Please change disks to continue...

What match from tomorrow's Lucha Underground episode are you looking forward to the most?

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