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The Ins and Outs of Lucha Underground: Episode 34

Updated on June 30, 2015

It's Tuesday afternoon, which means two things; Angelico just schooled Jack Evans at Marvel vs. Capcom and a Lucha Underground preview from me is in order! Yes, the best wrestling show in the world returns tomorrow, and it''s looking like another cool down show perhaps. Hey, nothing wrong with that, as there should still be some good wrestling and a whole lot of Dario Cueto to make you smile like The Joker. So hey, let's just dive in shall we? ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

DelAvar Daivari vs. Texano

What to Expect: This match wasn't listed in what I saw on luchablog, but as the LU social media brigade has been hyping it, I guess it's happening. And boy, do I not care a bit. Seriously, of all the LU feuds, doesn't this one strike you as the most Shark Boy and Lava Girl esq of them all? Outside of sipping a drink and buying off Big Ryck, Daivari hasn't done a whole lot here, and poor Texano just hasn't gotten off the ground the way everyone hoped he would. I give the LU credit for going ahead with this story and frankly, you can forgive them for having one average program in comparison to the rest. Let's hope this one ends here though, and let's also hope there's a ton of people interfering. I'm looking directly at you Mack.

Winner: As this match wasn't listed, I'm not even sure it'll be official. So, in my infinite wisdom, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say no contest, with Ryck and Daivari attacking Texano before the bell even begins. I'll go further to say The Mack runs down, gets attacked by Daivari and Ryck will be forced to do the same thing Indiana Jones did in The Last Crusade. You must choose Ryck; but choose wisely. I reckon it's going to go a little something like this.

Drago vs. Hernandez

What to Expect: I guess this will be the first (and, unfortunately, the last) Lucha Underground star vs. TNA star match in history. Who could've forseen that?! I'm actually really interested to see how this plays out here. It goes without saying that we all love Drago, or at least we do when he's not facing the Beast King or Pentagon Jr (the John and Paul of the Temple as it were). He's colorful, he's great in the ring, he's one of the most interesting guys on the roster, and there's that little thing where he's an actual dragon. We always know he'll deliver. I must admit I'm curious to see how well he can do with Hernandez here. I still like the guy, and it must be said that his last singles match against Prince Puma was excellent, and not all Puma in the slightest. Hernandez can go, despite his reputation being lower than Emilio Estevez's Rotten Tomato percentage. I don't know how much time these two will get, but if it's a decent amount, this could be really good.

Winner: Drago. I get the feeling that this feud isn't going to last long, especially since Hernandez is now going to be wrestling for another company every Wednesday night. Add that to the rumors that LU released him not that long ago, and it's easy to see Drago putting him over here. What a pity though; I still feel Drago being in the LU Championship match was the right call. Puma vs. Mil Muertes is awesome. Puma vs. Mil vs. Drago is worthy of M. Bison levels of excitement.

Alberto El Patron vs. Marty the Moth

What to Expect: Two straight weeks of the Moth?! And he's facing Alberto El Patron as well?! YEAH BABY, YEAH BABY, I REALLY LIKE IT! Let's be real here dudes and dudettes; we all know that I am the biggest killer moth this side of the western hemisphere. We also know that Marty is a hell of a talent, as seen last week when he stole the show in a really fun four way match for the Aztec Medallion. Now he's going to have a chance to go up against one of the best in ring workers in the world?! Sign me up right now! My only concern here is how long this match will be. Will the LU give El Patron and Marty some time to work some magic? Is this match here strictly for Johnny Mundo to run in, screw El Patron and cause a massive ruckus around ringside? Like Christopher Walken, I don't know. All I know is that, if given time, these two can perhaps have the most entertaining match of the evening. But of course, YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT!

Winner: I'm going with my heart here and picking Marty in the biggest LU upset ever. How? Simply put, Johnny Mundo will interfere, El Patron will be distracted, and Marty will somehow pull off the biggest victory since Jack Evans defeated Channing Tatum in Step Up 9 (to be released next year). And yes, I'm aware this isn't likely, but so what? WE WANT THE MOTH! WE WANT THE MOTH!

Lucha Underground Championship

Prince Puma (c) vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr

What to Expect: Well, this came out of nowhere! Just last week, it appeared that Mil vs. Puma was set in stone for Ultima Lucha just a little more than a month from now. Not so fast my friend; evidently one of the many things Chavo Guerrero wanted upon returning to the Temple was a shot at the LU title. Which means now Chavo has a chance to beat Puma, go onto Ultima Lucha as LU Champion and face the man who beat the ever living tar out of him only a few months back. How is that for story connecting there?! Somewhere, Vince McMahon just remembered that Kane and Bray Wyatt have some history together. You know, two years later!

Alright, enough unprovoked WWE slander. This match, in all honesty, should be pretty good. As my buddy mizfan pointed out in his recent gem of a column, Chavo has been doing career work with the LU, perhaps even his best work since his La Familia days in WWE. Combine that with his still above average in ring skills, and he's the total package here. And of course, we know what Puma can do, and I'm starting to feel like his constant winning with help isn't a booking mistake, but an intentional plot point that will come into play here and going forward. So basically, what should you expect here? Perhaps not quite the standards of All Night Long, but a solid main event none the less, one that should surprise people. In truth, it's already surprised me. If you had told me a year ago that Chavo Guerrero Jr would be fighting for a World Title in 2015, I'd have assumed he was working in the lower indies or a whole lot of wrestlers suddenly retired. It's a testament to the LU and Chavo's excellent abilities that I was wrong there.

Winner: Puma, and I'm going to wager interference will have something to do with it. I anticipate there will be a ref bump, Chavo and the Crew will try to take Puma out, and Blue Demon Jr (plus his excellent suit) will come in, fight every one off, and give Puma the opening he needs to win. Perhaps Konnan will get involved too, though the thought of him and Blue Demon on the same side is just...that can't happen right? Those two, allies? There's a better chance of CM Punk going on a cruise with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon than that one.

That'll do it kids! I'm out till later. Till then, let's get some more of that Vampiro swag!

Please change disks to continue...

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