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The Kendama Ball Game

Updated on October 9, 2017

Games and Sports – What would life be without these recreational activities! While traditional sports are very popular among the populace, today newer and more challenging game are being created to satisfy the insatiable appetite of children and adults. Japanese Games have carved out their own niche among gamers. One such example is the Kendama game. This is basically a ball game which has three cups and spike that fits into the hole in the ball. It is a fun game where the player catches one object with another joined by a string.

Motor and Mind Skills Development

The busting kind of a game improves motor skills and mind skills. This is why it has become increasingly popular and many parent encourage their children to take it up. Even many adults play this game for the fun of it and maybe to test their own motor skills and coordination. There are so many tricks possible in this game.

Also this is an all-weather game – it can be played indoors as well as outdoors. The game has found increasing popularity in parties, especially birthday parties of children.

The game which was once being played by the Japanese alone has now found new world wide popularity with it being sold outside Japan too. With ecommerce bringing almost everything to your door step, this game has now found its favorite players and is available to buy for the asking!

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