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The Knicks did What?

Updated on April 11, 2016

Pending Free Agents

The Knicks struggled immensely this season, however, their was a glimmer of hope. Kristaps Porzingis has given the Knicks fan base some much needed excitement heading into the free agent class of the summer of 2016. KP is a legitimate player with an excellent touch for a 7 footer and also has the defensive awareness that cannot be taught. With the proper development KP should be a star in this league sooner than later. Now paired up with Carmelo Anthony the Knicks will have a real shot at luring some vital pieces into the organization this summer. The struggle they have faced over the past five seasons most noticeably is their guard positions. The Knicks guards are constantly being exposed on the defensive side of the ball. A few avenues the Knicks could take would be to try and sign Mike Conley or Rajon Rondo, both of whom are versatile two-way players. Conley would be a great fit for the Knicks because of his ability to see the floor and shoot the ball well. On the other hand, Rondo is a gifted floor general and is relentless driving to the basket. The downside to Rondo is his lackluster shooting ability and his noted issues with his coaching staffs.

Kristaps Porzingis Shoot Around

Phil Jackson and the work that lies ahead

A lot of people are down on the job Phil Jackson has done since he has taken over as the President of the Knicks Organization. Jackson an all time great as a head coach entered the front office as a mere rookie. With no prior experience as a president Jackson was tasked with righting the ship that was destined to be lost at sea forever. Jackson has now guided the Knicks into position to return home. Despite back to back losing seasons the Knicks now have an identity to them something that hasn't been seen since the early 2000's.

Now that the ship is heading in the right the direction the next few decisions Jackson makes will truly define his legacy as a president in the NBA. The first move Jackson has to make is whether or not to retain interim coach Kurt Rambis next season. Rambis has a coaching record of 65 and 163. Other options include Luke Walton assistant coach of the Golden State Warriors or Tom Thibodeau formerly of the Chicago Bulls. Walton is apart of the inner circle that Jackson almost always draws from. Walton knows the triangle offense and understands the nuances to running it. Thibodeau is a long shot for the position because he is not of the Triangle family and isn't apart of Jackson's circle. However, he is a no nonsense coach that gets the most out of his players.

Once Jackson secures a coach he then needs to secure players during free agency. With the boom of social media players are no longer forced to large market teams to lock down huge endorsement deals. Look at Kevin Durant, He plays in Oklahoma City and he has a plethora of endorsements. The lure to NY is not what it once was. That is why Kristaps Porzingis is more important now then ever. KP is a beacon of hope for the Knicks. Players all over the league see his potential and would be more willing to come to NY knowing their is talent on the roster. Jackson needs to land one more stud in free agency and then fill out the roster with a few talented role players. Jackson has a lot of work to do but the ball is in his court what will he do?

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