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The Lebron James freakshow

Updated on March 28, 2018


Lebron James was a High School phenom and destined for greatness. In 2003 that greatness was seen. Despite him not making the playoffs his 1st few years he adjusted fast enough to go to the finals his 4th but he fell to the mighty spurs winning no NBA finals games. In two years he got the help he needed. He and his Cleveland Cavs started dominating the 2008-2009 NBA season. The domination was so great he won his first season MVP along with his cavs winning the #1 seed in the eastern conference. He and his cavs had high expectations going into the 2008-2009 playoffs. I was one of the ones that thought it. They won the 1st round, they won the 2nd round but unexpectedly fell to a young Orlando Magic team led by Dwight Howard. Expectations did not cease. The next year the world expected the reigning MVP to come back stronger and he didn’t. Former champion finals MVP Shaq joined the cast after helping his buddy Dwayne Wade win in 2006. A tad bit weaker, Lebron won his second straight MVP. He and his cavs were still strong but winning five games less than the year before. They still won the top seed in the east but fell to a gritty Celtics team in second round of the playoffs. Despite Lebron’s greatness, cavs failed to make the finals both those years win they were top seeds. Sadly, the problem was Lebron James for many reasons and in his 15th season you are seeing them at work.


I was a huge Lebron fan. I was a cavs fan before heat. When he came down to Miami I followed. I was just like these current fans in denial now I see. Earlier this season he said, “I do not suck by my team sucks when we come here”. It was his birthday and they were in Utah. This statement did not rub the Lebron fans wrong but the NBA fans wrong. It was the most selfish statement made by a leader of a team. The selfish part was the fact that he singled himself out. He said I am not sorry. Could you imagine how his team felt? Despite how they felt they still went out there and played but Lebron did not get a good birthday present. They did not win the game but gave a good effort. They were up and down since that game but after losing big in Minnesota a change was seen. With other big losses to the Toronto Raptors, Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder at their home court the looks were obvious. The team gave up on Lebron and the former NBA player Jalen Rose confirmed it. Not only did he say it, I said it as soon as it happened and was called dumb.


Not only was it obvious that the team quit on him but it was also obvious that Lebron was stat padding all year long. His teammates confirmed it. It’s been reports that one of them led the way. It was Jae Crowder. Jae Crowder said that Lebron was hogging the ball. Knowing that LeBron has the same rings as Udonis Haslem it is obvious. He never took cavs to the finals the year he won MVP. He went to Miami with better and lost his third in a row but he got his numbers. He and the heat went back to the finals the next two years behind Lebron’s MVP’s. He led heat to the finals his second two but not cavs. Perhaps it is the other way around. Dwayne Wade led him. The numbers say different but Lebron James history leading a team speaks volumes. He only led Miami in stats because that is what he plays for.


On February 8, 2018 the nation was shocked that 1/3 of the cavs team was traded. Many were not even surprised. It was said that the cavs team he had before was old but not many thinks that was the reason. Those guys were not going to sit around and not say anything about LeBron padding his stats so players that will were brought in. No reason to lie about it, these young guys want to play with Lebron. It is a big opportunity but he is stat padding. It is much easier than it was before. Do you notice he has more triple doubles? He has less people that need the ball in their hands. Wade and IT needed the ball. His stat padding was limited because the ball was not always in his hands now it is. The trade shook the NBA world but it was not really a shocker to real fans of the game. He wants to pad stats.


Do not forget who Lebron James ran to win his first NBA finals game in a series. Do not forget LeBron needed two all-stars in Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to get that done. Michael Jordan only needed one in Pippen for his. Lebron is a good player but he does not need to be in the class with other greats. He does not at a 3-5 in the finals. The fact that he won his first two MVP’s and took his Cavaliers to no finals with it says something. He then came to Miami, lost the 1st year there but still had his numbers. In Lebron’s 15th season he should have the stats to pass Jordan and any other great. He’s big enough, plays the minutes and is closer to the basket so why not? Lebron James numbers do not surprise the nation. It is not because it is proof that he’s been doing it all his career. It is what hides his imperfections as a player. Lebron James has come to this league and underachieved. Good player but he looks like a slightly upgraded role player than a leader. Will he surpass Jordan in stats? I think yes but all around, Lebron is not even better than Dwayne Wade. Perhaps if he won more titles I will enjoy this freakshow but like many, I am tired of it. I just have to deal with it like them also.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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