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The Life of a New York Mets Fan

Updated on November 11, 2017
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Bsyms is a writer from the US that has an interest in all things sports

Why am I Mets fan?

Being a Mets fan is one of the toughest lives any sports fan could face. It's similar to the life of a Browns or 76ers fan. Every year Mets fans hear the same thing "wait till next year”: where we hear and believe that our team is going to be stacked and champions. In 2015 every Mets fan thought it was finally our year, we had finally made it to the playoffs since 2006, we got through a season with only a few major injuries, we had swept the Cubs, who seemed destined for the championship after Back to the Future, predicted the 2015 Cubs would be World Series Champions, and we were considered better than the Yankees. The Mets were the big boys on campus, we had the swag of Yoenis Cespedes, the flow of DeGrom and Syndergaard, we came together as a team and were ready for greatness. However 2015, turned into the same lovable losers type season, we could not hold off the Royals.

I've spent most of my life since age 10 as a Mets fan waiting for success. However every year I've heard the same thing. Wait till next year: wait till the off-season in the hopes of signing the biggest free agent possible, wait till the farm system develops, wait till we make a big trade during the season. All these things have happened but still no success. In 2009 we signed arguably the best free agent, Jason Bay, he was supposed to be the Mets' savior, take the up and coming 2008 Mets and turn them into World Series champions, however he came to New York and fell under the big lights of the city, and never performed. No success. Our farm system became developed when Matt Harvey came up in 2012 and has since developed with Michael Conforto, Amed Rosario, and Dom Smith. Still no championship. We made a big trade during the 2015 season trading for Yoenis Cespedes, and made it all the way to the World Series. But still no glory.

We have been the lovable losers since 1986, finding every possible way to lose. From the craziest injuries to the stupidest errors. In 1998, the Mets needed to win one more game in their last week of play to secure a Wild Card spot, but of course they lost every single game, leaving them and the Mets once again the lovable losers. In 2005 Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran collided face first keeping two stars on the sidelines, lovable losers. In 2009 the Mets were about to secure a win against the New York Yankees, however Luis Castillo dropped a routine pop up, which allowed the Yankees too score two runs and win the game. Falling back to the position of little brother in New York.

Even the recent successes have been some of the worst failures. In 2012 Johan Santana threw the first no hitter in Mets history, throwing somewhere around 120 pitches. As the innings increased during the game, viewers wondered if Terry Collins would pull the plug and hope that the bullpen could seal the no-hitter. However he allowed his star pitcher to pitch. Like every other Mets fan I was ecstatic that the Mets actually accomplished something, it was one of my first tastes of victory, and man did it taste good, but of course it came at a price. Johan Santana never pitched the same. I remember I went to the next game Santana pitched, I sat with my family wondering if any pitcher had ever thrown back to back no hitters, I realized that I would not be seeing history when Santana was hit hard, and looked like a shell of himself. After that start he went into a down turn of injury after injury and is now out of the MLB. 2015 was my favorite year as a Mets fan, since it was the most success I had witnessed for any of my favorite teams (Jets, Knicks, and Rangers). However the toll of a longer year led to numerous injuries in 2016, especially to the pitchers. Matt Harvey has never been the same since his last World Series Game.

So why am I a Mets fan when I easily could be a Yankees fan? Life as a Yankees fan must be great. Your team always win, rebuilds take 2 years at most and you can always brag about 27 rings. However success as a Mets fan is better. All the misery and heartbreak makes the successes so much better. If the Mets ever win another World Series it would be 1 of 3 World Series rings, making it 33.333333% more meaningful. Compared to when the Yankees win another championship, it would be 1 of 28, making it 3.6% important. So a Mets Championship would be almost 10 times more meaningful. We all want to have all of the successes possible, but too much of something can be bad, rare events are always better and more important. To every Yankees fan have fun with your successes. And to every Mets fan remember to take every win and savor it, because for us accomplishments are not numerous, so savor every strike, every hit, every home run, every win, and hopefully one day we will be able to celebrate together when the Mets win it all. Ya Gotta Believe!! Let's Go Mets!! Can't wait till next year!!


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