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The Lions Aren't the Biggest Loser In Controversial Calls, The NFL Is

Updated on January 6, 2015

Lions lose playoff game, NFL loses credibility

If there is an American city that can take being jerked around, it is Detroit.

The Motor City is accustomed to being screwed over. Over the years this tough, blue collar, working class city, has seen the Big 3 motor companies ship thousands of jobs away. It has survived mass exodus of citizens, a mayor who stole, lied, and cheated, and a bankruptcy.

Hell, even Motown left Motown.

But every time Detroit gets knocked down, it gets right back up, wipes itself off, and goes back into the fight.

So, rest assured, Detroiters will get over the controversial, utterly puzzling, call by officials that cost them dearly in last week's 24-20 loss to the Dallas html. The NFL office also admitted that its crew missed a holding call that would've nullified Tony Romo's game-winning touchdown.

See, this comes across as worse than just poor officiating. This didn't look like a ref missing a call. No, this looked like the refs got together and decided to pick one team over another.

The one team, Dallas, America's Team, benefited. The other, Detroit _ which in the misguided eyes of many who don't know the real essence of the Motor City and its people _ is considered the armpit of America by many, took the hit.

Despite the NFL's admissions, in the end they are the biggest losers, not the Lions. When people start talking about games being rigged, bias officiating, and network interventions _ in this case an opportunity to revisit the historic Dallas versus Green Bay playoff game in 1967 _, with a 2015 rematch_ the integrity of the league is damage.

The Dallas-Detroit fiasco also makes the visit of the Dean Blandino, the head of NFL officials, to a gathering on the Dallas Cowboys' luxury bus back in the summer look even worse.

Throughout all of the controversies the league has dealt with over the years, from drug use, to steroids, and most recently domestic abuse issues, rarely has the integrity of the actual competition that takes place on the field come into question.

Not anymore.

Bad calls have always been a part of football, from high school to the pros, and it is never going to be perfect. But there is a way to make it better, significantly better, in the NFL where they have all the latest video technology.

One way to have a chief officiating committee set up in the central offices to view all controversial calls. Coaches can challenge the legitimacy of a call, just as they do other plays in the games. Maybe they can have one challenge a game, or any other system that can be worked out. I believe a system can be worked out.

But, we must understand, no matter what system that comes forward, it won't be perfect. However, it could eliminate a situation such as what occurred in the Dallas-Lion game.


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