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The Magic Numbers in Syracuse Sports. This one somehow sends the Orange to the Final Four.

Updated on April 6, 2015

The grand prize in American Basketball.

When will Syracuse win it's next one? Comment below.
When will Syracuse win it's next one? Comment below. | Source

What the Orange look like so far in 2014/15

What mathmatical equation sends Syracuse U. to the Final Four?

Everyone has heard of lore behind 22 and 44. Of course, some of football's greatest running backs ever, wore the number 44 at Syracuse University. Also, some of the greatest lacrosse stars on offense wore 22 and S.U went to 22 Final fours in a row!

But, did you know that a certain number determines whether or not the S.U. Basketball team will go to the Final 4 in the following season?

There is tremendous history to back this one up.

Here it is-

Since Jim Boehiem has been the head coach, S.U. Basketball only goes to the Final Four the seasons after he looses three starters. That makes no sense right?

But here is the proof:

-In '86 Addison and Alexis graduated, and The Pearle (Dwayne Washington) went one year early to play in the NBA. The Following year, Syracuse lost the National Championship Game by 1 point to Indiana.

-In '95 Lawrence Moten, and Luke Jackson graduated, and point guard, Michael Loyd was expelled for cheating on a test. The Following year, S.U. lost the National Championship Game to Kentucky.

-In 2002, James Theus, and Deshaun Williams, transferred to other schools, and Preston Shumpert graduated. The following year, S. U. wins its first National Championship in that sport.

-Last and perhaps least, in 2012 Fab Mellow enters the NBA draft early and both Scoop Jardine and Kris Joseph graduate. The following year, S.U. loses in the first game of the Final Four to Michigan.That year's feat was very impressive because S.U. also lost Dion Waiters, who was the best "sixth man" in the nation.

I don't know of any other team that this has occurred with! That is what makes this so fascinating. That and the fact that now, we Orange fans may know when we will be heading back to the Final 4 again....Maybe!

What is more interesting?

This season's outlook is! Count them, 3 starters left the Orange last year. C.J. Fair graduated, while Tyler Ennis, and Jerami Grant left early with hopes to have good careers in the N.B.A.

Will the Cuse continue to ride the magic number of 3 all the way to the 2014 Final Four? With some of the underclassmen playing the way they are, I think its possible.

Let me know what you think below!

The latest from Jim Boeheim.


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