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The Human Body is The Greatest Invention of All

Updated on June 18, 2012

The best invention ever… The human body!

Hundreds and millions of operations are happening on a microscopic level all working in perfect tandem to regulate and enable the body to do even the simplest of tasks, Just to keep the bodys key organs clocking over and enabling a sedentary lifestyle of little more than sitting and sleeping would require an estimated 1680 calories for a 70kg Male (Anita Bean, Sports Nutrition 2009) and the Source of these calories is no simple process either, Be it through adaptive evolution by which the human body has learnt to use the resources which its habituary planet contains or part of a fantastic coincidence, it holds the precise organs and enzymes required in order to convert these naturally occurring substances into energy which can be used to sustain itself, one of the most significant inventions and developments of the 20th century the car, has only a handful of potentially unsustainable sources of energy and estimated at around 10,000-20,000 components, in comparison to estimations of 75-100 Trillion! Cells in the human body, goes only someway to illustrating the difference in sophistication of what we can create and what we have supposably had, all be it in some de-generated form for thousands of years already.

Its almost as though we have lost the instruction manual that came with our human body and although we have come on in significant leaps and bounds in the past century, who is to say how much more discovery is yet to come, its only in the last few decades that Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA’s) and Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI’s) have been introduced and its shocking to believe that the very substances which metabolise your main organs, strengthen your bones, build and repair muscle, repairs and replaces every single living cell in your body and significantly impacts your outward appearance, health, physical and mental prowess and practability, are only just beginning to be regulated, Its only a recent stipulation for Food containers and packets to reveal what is actually in them but none the less, there is still a mass majority of people who show little concern for what they fill their body with, even though you wouldn’t refuel your car with tomato ketchup and simillary you wouldn’t buy a Bhugatti Veyron and only ever drive in a 30 MPH speed zone and never clean or maintain it. Yet to continue this analogy, many people are just not utilising the magnificence of the human body to its maximum and are continuing to drive in 30 MPH Speed zones with diesel in their petrol tanks so to speak.

If you walk on rugged terrain the skin on your feet will calice over, if you live in a hot climate your body will learn to disapate heat more effectively, people born in particular hot countries are pre-genetically equipped for a higher tolerance of heat and UV light, often visably displayed in the pigment of their skin, Some land based animals are said to have evolved from fish which came onto land and through evolution developed new limbs in order to deal with its new environment.

Its such displays of evolution and progressive development that interests me greatly to explore the limits of the body we have been granted, which seemingly can only be done with the right sources of vitamins, minerals, Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates. Each generation appear to be getting taller, the world records for olympic events continue to be broken, most significantly with Ussain Bolts recent Track smashes, when people questioned nearly 20 years ago wether the time set by Michael Johnson would ever be beaten and wether the human bodies genetic potential had been reached, Ussain Bolt gave a loud and resounding no as he bound across the line, it leaves the mind wondering just how far it will continue and the exact limitation of the most sophisticated and underated equipment we have at our disposal, The human body!.


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