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The Major League Baseball Team Logos – Who's Got the Best Logo?

Updated on May 9, 2016
All set for the Major League Baseball game of the year.
All set for the Major League Baseball game of the year. | Source


It is time, at last, to speak the truth about baseball team logos and the truth is this: We may seem not to care much about them but we really do. People don’t realize it but we can recognize and memorize logos even the slightest change, without conscious effort.

Makers put a lot of work in making them remarkable to undying baseball fans. Some are remarkably good while others are remarkably bad. Whatever their standings are, logos surely are hype among the teams and their fans. It is every year’s topic of debate.

Let’s look at fifteen of them all the way down to the Number 1 best team logo.

15. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Despite being relatively new, this logo is quite popular among the fans and also notable with its halo above the letter A. Might even make us remember a popular song by Rihanna. It is simple and compelling on its own, even better without the blue baseball field in the background in the original version.

14. Oakland Athletics

Talk about royal! The gold lining is just a good contrast to that green outline but too green for others’ tastes. The typography of the center A could be more gripping if it isn’t Old English. Still, it’s a good modernization for the old elephant who got tired of holding the baseball bat.

13. Philadelphia Phillies

This is starting to feel dated for a 22-year old logo. The bell is classic as ever. This logo could use a little bit more modern twist but the unique shape could stay.

12. Arizona Diamondbacks

Black and red seem such a fierce combination and this is exactly what the logo shows. After the many changes of the logos and colors, this should be the “it”! Though not everyone is a fan of geometrical shapes that set this logo, it looks mighty fine with those corners and edges.

11. Seattle Mariners

The Mariners chose to stick with the compass in their logo. They’re mariners, after all. At least, the overall look became dated with the former S removed. Seattle is now spelled as well as Mariners but this logo is not as catchy as the others.

10. Kansas City Royals

Wish we can see the secret to winning from the defending champion’s logo. It has gotten a lot better since getting that KC insignia and the Royals typography is just the nice addition. Let’s see if this logo (might be a lucky charm) can bring them once again to the top.

9. Los Angeles Dodgers

A true classic, that’s what this logo is. At first look, it didn’t seem to change but the lines are actually bolder. It has really become an icon and icons do not just change overnight.

8. Chicago Cubs

Because the Cub’s logo is perhaps the most familiar in all of baseball, it didn’t change over the years. Apparently, they have no plans to change it now. The big C enclosed in a circle still rocks up to this day so why change?

7. Minnesota Twins

The slight change of this logo brings it to the modern century. The simple addition of outline and putting the words Minnesota Baseball Club to the outer circle made the logo much more appealing than before. It’s probably the best they can do for now.

6. Toronto Blue Jays

All we can say is that this logo is blue. It’s mostly blue. This is because of the long assertion of the fans to add more blue. The result is a not-so-fierce logo but a more popular one. Although if you look at the blue jay, it’s become somewhat feminine due to the maple leaf stuck on its head.

5. Atlanta Braves

That tomahawk reminds us of Native America and old times. Maybe that’s why they want it to stay but we hope they don’t use that in the field. Still, it’s a good addition to the typography of the Braves which would look rather simple without it.

4. New York Mets

The skyline in the background evokes the memory of New York and the logo used it brilliantly to set the whole thing. No wonder it hasn’t changed much over the years.

3. Detroit Tigers

The tiger on this logo makes all the difference. It makes the logo new even though the Old English D stays the same even after more than a century. Nonetheless, this logo was well-received.

2. New York Yankees

Like the Cub’s, this logo is also one of the most recognizable and definitely with a good reason! It is untouchable since 1968, making it an icon.

1. St. Louis Cardinals

The interaction of the elements in this logo is just amazing! It has a fine drawn quality in it and the bird’s expression is so fierce, you would have thought it’s modelling. Long live the bird! The logo rather!


A baseball team’s logo is critical to its identity and at times, popularity. Having a fantastic logo makes the players proud of wearing it with their baseball uniforms. It also makes the fans want to buy more memorabilia. Logos survive the test of time long after the team which they represent.


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