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"The Filipino Flash" Donaire trades Bombs with Jorge Arce on December 15

Updated on March 11, 2015
Jorge "El Traveiso" Arce
Jorge "El Traveiso" Arce
Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire
Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire

Comparative Data: Donaire vs Arce

Birth Date
Nov. 16, 1982
Jul. 27, 1979
Birth Place
Talibon, Bohol, Philippines
Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico
San Leandro, Calif., USA
Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico
Super Bantamweight
Super Bantamweight
5' - 5 1/2 "
5' - 4 1/2 "
68 "
66 "
The Filipino Flash
El Traveiso
Boxing Record
won 30 (KO 19), lost 1 (KO 0), draw 0
won 61 (KO 46), lost 6 (KO 3), draw 2
No. of Rounds Boxed
179 Rounds
402 Rounds
Knockout Percentage
61.29 %
65.71 %
Last 10 fights
10 wins
8 wins, 1 NC, 1 D
WBO super bantamweight title WBC Diamond super bantamweight title bout subject to change & commission approval DATA extract courtesy of Box Rec


Who will win?

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Arce's prediction

Mexican Jorge Arce enjoys the underdog role in their coming December 15 fight with "the Filipino Fash" Donaire at Toyota Center, Houston, Texas. The mischievous "El Traveiso" Arce aims to KO the Filipino star.

Jorge Arce is pretty sure he's the big underdog when he faces Nonito Donaire on December 15, live on HBO from Houston, Texas, but isn't bothered by that role, believing he can lick Donaire.

"I am sure that I will knock him out. ... I fight better, with more confidence and with more desire when I'm the underdog. And on this occasion it will be no different."

It is likely that the Guillermo Rigondeaux versus Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym bout will co-feature to Nonito Donaire vs Jorge Arce on HBO on December 15.

Make your reading more interesting by predicting who of Donaire vs Arce will win. At the right side are their comparative data and a poll survey. Make your guess using the data and vote in the poll to indicate your choice. Thank you.


Donaire's record speaks

Acknowledging that Donaire is a good fighter, Arce (61-6-2, 46 KOs) has fanned the flames by saying that the Filipino has never faced a fighter "with balls," a statement which didn't sit well with Dunkin. "I think Arce has a lot of balls to say the other fighters Nonito has faced didn't have balls," Dunkin says. "Arce said he is going to fight to the death, and give everything he's got. But when the body doesn't work, it doesn't matter how much balls you have."

Donaire (30-1, 19 KOs) possesses the kind of one-punch knockout power that can make opponents' bodies stop working, as the Filipino demonstrated first against slugger Vic Darchinyan five years ago, and last year against Fernando Montiel. Donaire was a virtual unknown when he stepped into the ring with Darchinyan, who was then 28-0, a world champion, and had knocked out 23 of his last 24 opponents. A super-aggressive fighter, Darchinyan walked right into a short counter left hook in the fifth round from Donaire and went down like he'd been hit with a sledgehammer. So powerful was that hook, that when Darchinyan got up, he staggered around the ring like a drunkard until the referee stopped the fight.


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    • nick071438 profile image

      nick071438 7 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      I feel deeply elated by your note, P4P Emperor. Readers and users are most welcomed anytime. Do come again. Hi! mel22. Did you enjoy watching the Pacquiao-Margarito bout? Who do you think will next toe the line to meet Cnngressman Pacquiao?

    • profile image

      P4P Emperor 7 years ago

      Better late than never. Just wanted to thank you for your awesome article. I used it as one of my references for my own project. Good job, sir. Rep. Manny Pacquiao is the best sportsman the world could ever have. A neverending thanks to him. He transcended the sport many times already. He conquered 10 weight divisions and won 8-division titles. Long live the king of the sport!

    • mel22 profile image

      mel22 8 years ago from ,

      Unfortunately, I didn't see it live but me and my wife( a filipina) got podcast updates as the fight was progressing. Being able to go up 7 classes without losing stride is amazing. I watched DeLaHoya fight on Tv in philippines but then watched Pacman pummel DeLaHoya in the next fight. I knew after that he was for sure pound-for pound best fighter right now. No question! Now that Cotto got dropped I think there's noone in his weight class left to fight. he has to win 8 titles now to pick up any good opponents.

    • nick071438 profile image

      nick071438 8 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      My dear boxing co-aficionados. Did you watch Saturday's Nov. 14 FIREPOWER: Cotto vs. Pacquiao? Whose star shines the most? Whose firepower extinguish whom? What do you think of the fight? Come on- say something constructive about their fight. Post your comment. Thank you.