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The Mighty Men of Soccer!

Updated on September 24, 2010

2009 East Asian Soccer Gold Medal Game

If there is such a thing calls “Tears of Joy”, a river of tears of joy is now overflowing the City of Fragrant Harbor in the Orient. And this is not a dream!

An indelible legend has born out of a small island off the south coast of China on December 12, 2009. The Hong Kong Soccer Team, who has never won any medal in international soccer tournament, supernova into a giant in East Asia soccer world! These mighty men of obscurity magically rose and crowned themselves the Champion team of all East Asia.

No where in East Asia has men with heart and courage greater than the players of Hong Kong Soccer Team. At the start of the tournament they were deemed to be a pitiful underdog and a big time loser. But the Hong Kong players looked deep down their indomitable spirit for divine faith and strength. Two weeks later, they were champions. They became legendary heroes overnight in the soccer history of Hong Kong. Now they’re as legendary as Yellow Emperor in the land of the Dragon and their names will never be forgotten by future generations of local soccer fans.

Early on the tournament, Hong Kong surprised everyone by defeated South Korea and later, North Korea, both regarded as formidable opponents, to qualify for the Final round. Their success dropped thousands of jaws of local citizens. Instantly, the soccer dream team of Hong Kong was born! Every citizen of Hong Kong became their fan.

It was the game of their life as the players of Hong Kong Soccer Team stepped on the field to face a superior Japanese team for the 2009 East Asian Soccer Gold Medalist Game. Every Hong Kong players’ heart pounded solemnly. Their overused body ached as they entered the stadium. But their Spartan mind is determined to achieve the impossible-To win the gold medal which no citizen of Hong Kong in the last two hundred years would expect it to happen.

The Hong Kong players looked around the stadium and noticed almost 30,000 fans and Mr. Donald Tsang, the Chief Executive of the government of Hong Kong, were cheering and waving at them. Never had they seen such a huge crowd of spectators coming to watch them play in the regular soccer season. A few hundreds-occasional a few thousands-spectators are what they normally expected but not this large number of people from all walks of life.

Emotion ran high in every corner of the stadium. Every fan stood shoulder to shoulder on their feet. Many wore the red T-shirt of Hong Kong weaving the stadium into a sea of fiery red. The cheering didn’t stop there. Beyond the walls of the stadium, millions of Hong Kong citizens all over the island and Kowloon glued their eyes on the TV set. For one magical night, the City of Hong Kong was on fire!

The Hong Kong Soccer Team had united all the citizens of Hong Kong. From young to old, white collars to blue collars, widows to families, private to public servants, and English to East Indian HongKongese; they all stand behind the brave hearts of the Hong Kong Soccer Team. Their mind synchronized in one vision: Victory!

It was a remarkable performance by both teams from start to finish. Japan opened and led the score in the first half but Hong Kong tied the game 1-1 by their veteran player, S.K. Chan, in the first two minutes of the second half. Hong Kong players made several valiant efforts and close calls but the game went on to overtime with no more goal. A shoot out had to be decided for the gold medalist.

The pulse of Hong Kong stopped for several minutes as everyone nervously witnessed the most torturous way to decide a winner. That night the god of soccer favored the braves. The Hong Kong Soccer Team won 4-2 in the shoot out (final score of 5-2) winning the Gold Medal. The Land of Fragrant Harbor instantly elevated to the Land of the Mighty!

Donald Tsang, the Chief Executive of the government of Hong Kong, said it was his happiest day in 2009. He praised the courage and extraordinary performance of the Hong Kong players for the greatest soccer victory in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Soccer Team triumph is more than winning the Gold Medal. Win or lose is a set fact of every sport game. Throughout the tournament, all Hong Kong players gave everything they got without question. Before every game, they soul searched their heart, their character, and their love for the Hong Kong soccer profession. Every one of them answered inward with unwavering courage and an indomitable spirit. They believed they would win. And win they did!

The victory is a personal triumph for every Hong Kong player that he has risen above insurmountable challenges to proof what he is truly made of. They proved they have an indomitable spirit genuinely made in Hong Kong. They are all a little King David who slew Goliath, the giant.

All the citizens of Hong Kong are in debt to the mighty men of the Hong Kong Soccer Team. The international honor they won for the City is truly The Legend as miraculously predicted by the 2009 East Asian theme song “You Are the Legend”.

The mighty men of the 2009 Hong Kong Soccer Team are an inspirational story for the world. They proved to us that anyone can win when they put their heart, mind, and character to fight for their dream. The 2009 Hong Kong Soccer Team did it. So can you!

Congratulation to all the players and the coaches of the Hong Kong Soccer Team!

Watch the Shoot Out (in Chinese)

Watch Opening Ceremony & Highlights of the Game (HK in Red Shirt/Jap in Blue)

Watch the Mighty Men of HK Soccer Team Accepting the Gold Medals

Watch the Human Waves of HK Fans cheering for their Mighty Men

Listen to the 2009 East Asian Games Theme Song "You Are the Legend"


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