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The Million Dollar Man

Updated on September 29, 2011
The Million Dollar man
The Million Dollar man | Source

The Million Dollar Man

Have You Thought Id Like to win a Million

I was thinking earlier today , what it would be like once I bought my lottery ticket, to be a Millionaire, and what the hell would I do with it all. It didn't take long to figure some of it out and I was still left with quite if few thousand dollars. I would save world hunger, nope, I would give it all to charity, yea and no. I would buy up Amazon , and at least buy into it, possibly. There shear thought of having all that money at one time had my juices a running out my mouth. I said ground yourself Chris , you likely hood of winning, the lottery are the same odds as becoming a Football Star in a NFL game. Those odds are no too good, but there are those I have read about that have won a million dollars or more and here is what happened to them.

There is a little town 30 miles away called Big Spring, Texas and Oil And Gas refinery town of about 40 thousand people, and one lady hit the million dollar Jackpot one year on the Texas Lottery, it was in all the local papers and how she needed this money , and was mostly low income ,for most of her life, well she won about 40 million if I remember right. Her millionaire status didn't last but two years, Saying is she bought a bunch of bad investments, did not pay the taxes on her toys she bought nor the money, is what I was told, she ended up broke after 2 years, incredible as it seems . I would feel horrible if I had lost that much money and the day she won, she must have felt like a queen.

This is not unusual for people I have read to lose all their money really quick after hitting the million dollar lottery or multi -million, I read where that most people if they don''t get the proper financial help Immediately they could be taken for their millions and actually owe more when they go broke after not investing the money properly. I sit here and write for peanuts and a glass of ice tea, maybe it's simpler this way not to have won a lottery ,and had the fame or fortune.

Why do you think we have casino’s dominating the countryside in America, everyone wants to feel like a million dollar man or women at least once in their life, and a casino is one start you can go to, and learn how to lose as well, and try to keep a smile on your face as you lurk out the front door where you do proudly walked in. I notice that about myself, when I go gambling at times, I have learned through trial and error, not to walk in all giddy and happy that I'm a winner and I’m a million dollar loser when it comes to gambling, or slot machines, and I see lotteries as a slow pull of the handle, a very slow pull, that really does not excite me, yet millions of people play the lottery each day.

I think to not be a million dollar man is OK for now, and I have chased my dream,and am comfortable in my money I have and not spending at the casino is a ok thing to not do, in my little town I have to drive where an Indian Reservation is in Hobbs, New Mexico,about 89 miles away if I want to become a million dollar man, but I have learned I don’t' win all the time, and if I do win big , I best get myself out of this money taker as fast as my brain will not let me, or I shoot for the 5 dollar machines, and that's trouble in a box. I have pretty much stopped the foolishness of gambling, yet that lottery ticket I got today, watch it win, and I win my three dollars for getting 3out of 5 numbers right. I a big winner anyway without the million dollar win.

Christopher Hyer 2.26.2011



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