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The Miracle in the Motor City

Updated on December 4, 2015

Stunning Finish

DETROIT, MI: Down 23-21, with .00 on the board and time for one play after a costly penalty by the Lions. Aaron Dodgers chucked up a hail mary throw towards the endzone, that was caught by the mvp of the night Richard Rodgers for the stunning 27-23 victory.

The Green Bay Packers headed into Detroit a tired, beat up, struggling football team. It seemed that they were in a tailspin. The Lions were coming off a 3-game winning streak, with one of those wins coming against the Packers at Lambeau Field. The Pack struggled early giving up 20 unanswered points to their division foes. In the middle of the 3rd quarter the Packers would finally put some points on the board. After a Aaron Rodgers found James Starks for a big gain that put them in the redone, Starks tried to put the exclamation point on the long drive by running it in for a touchdown. The ball was stripped from Starks but, the football Gods were looking out for the Pack on this drive as Randall Cobb was able to recover the ball in the endzone for 6.

On the very next drive, the Packer defense was able to make a play when Julius Peppers stripped the ball from Matthew Stafford. The Packers recovered the football and that led to a Rodgers to Devante Adams score (1st TD of the season) to cut it to a 20-14 deficit.

Heading into the 4th quarter the Lions still had the lead and after a huge sack by Lions DE Ziggy Ansah. The Packers were forced to punt the ball away. Stafford and the Lions offense were unable to capitalize with a touchdown despite converting on a key 4th and short in the 4th quarter. Lions kicker Matt Prater hit a 42 yard field goal to make it a 23-14 game.

Aaron Rodgers was able to answer back, driving his team down the field as he would score on a 17 yard scramble to the endzone. After the extra point the Packers were down by two with the score 23-21 late in the 4th quarter.

With some key stops by the defense the Lions had to punt and hoped their defense could hold onto the 2-point lead and sweeping the division series for the first time in 20 plus years. That would not be the case when on 3rd and 10, no timeouts left, Rodgers would pass to James Jones who would lateral it back to Richard Rodgers then back to Aaron Rodgers who would be tackled. Game over right...wrong. With .00 seconds left on the clock Lions DE Devin Taylor would commit a 15 yard facemask penalty to give Rodgers and the Packers one more shot.

On the day after his birthday, Aaron Rodgers would get a huge birthday present when he threw up a 61 yard hail mary to the endzone. Richard Rodgers who already had a huge night was able to be in front of the Lion defenders and high point the football to come down with the game winning catch.

The game would end with a 27-23 final score. It would end any playoff hopes for the Lions. This game makes this the biggest comeback for the Packers vs the Lions in their storied history.


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