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The Money Line

Updated on May 22, 2016

Positive And Negative Values

The most popular way to bet on a hockey game is known as the money-line that replaces a point spread when most hockey games consist of low scores. A hockey team only have to win the game, and not winning by the number of goals (or number of points like in basketball and football). Favorites are related to negative and positive values (-150) and the underdogs (+130). Imagine this number 1000 sitting in the middle of the - negative and + positive values to understand its simplicity more easily. Example: if you wish to wager a bet -1500 favorite, you are risking $1500 to win $1000 (or on a smaller scale, $150 to win $100). On a +1300 underdog, you are risking $1000 to win $1300 if the underdog wins.this is considered a risk-reward. Instead of a point spread, you are risking more to back the favorite and you will get a larger payout if you are backing the underdog.


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