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The Mystery of Fishing

Updated on July 9, 2011

Children Explore Fishing

I can remember as a child, when I was only four years old that my dad took me out on the flats of St. Marks, Florida. He put a fishing pole in my hand, and while he was getting oysters off the bars there, then I was catching some terrible thing like a sting ray. Of course you knew the line had to be cut, but it did not make any difference, because I had done the unthinkable thing. Who wanted a sting ray in their boat. Back in those days, I remember my dad cracking open an oyster and serving it up on a cracker with some Tabasco sauce. I never knew that raw oysters might not be healthy for you. Being a fisherman meant being tough and doing things that was adventurous. For a young child you grow to look for the mystery in fishing.

As I grew up, then I realized in the ocean you never knew what was out there under that water waiting to bite your hook. I fished for many things, but some took my bait and chewed my line off like it was a sharp knife blade. I could just imagine what mysterious creature took that bait and left me with nothing. Was it a shark, a whale, possibly a barracuda fish? Many times I had been thirteen miles off shore and watched barracuda surround my boat. They all were a good 8 feet or larger. Then looking down under the crystal water and seeing huge monstrous looking fish, and not knowing what they were. Just think what if one of them had bitten my bait. Could I have landed them or would they have turned my boat over? Makes a fisherman wonder!

The day came, when the little girl grew up and became a mother. What was important was to teach my children the fun of fishing, and what mystery lies beneath the waters. When life got tough for them sometimes, then fishing became an escape into a world where troubles are left behind and monsters and the unknown can creep up before you know it. Fishing is like a mystery of life, but it is there for the enjoyment. It does not matter what you fish with, or what bait you use. The most important thing is to get out and enjoy the mystery.

We often get a big surprise, when on the other end of our fishing line
we find a crab that tries to run away with our bait. What wonder lies
beneath our oceans?

Sneaky ones of the deep blue sea.
Sneaky ones of the deep blue sea.


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