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The 2018 NFL Combine

Updated on March 5, 2018

How the NFL Combine started

The NFL Combine started back in 1960-1982. Tex Schramm, who at the time was the president and general manage of the Dallas Cowboys, proposed this to the NFL competition committee. He wanted the NFL to start this because then it would be easier for teams to scout and look at what the young players could do. The National Invitational Camp (NIC) was first held in Tampa, Florida in 1982. In the 80's, the camp where the football players would go to work, was in Arizona and New Orleans before finally staying in Indianapolis. The NFL Combine has been in Indianapolis since 1987.

What the players do

The young players looking to complete their dream and make it into the NFL do many tests and evaluations at the combine. One major test they do is the 40-yard dash. The 40-yard dash is when a player runs 40 yards. Most guys do it in under five seconds but some guys will go over five seconds. The other evaluations they do are bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, 3 cone drill, 20-yard shuttle, and 60-yard shuttle. The tests they have to do, which they've been doing their whole football life, are the usual tests like injury evaluation, drug screen, the Cyber test, and the Wonderlic test. What these players do and how they do it really has an impact because they want to get noticed by the best scouters at the combine and show them what they can do when they work their hardest.

40-yard dash


NFL Combine Criticism

You can never judge a book by it's cover, is a saying that goes for everything, especially in sports. In this world today, there are many haters of whatever you do. My definition of a hater is someone who is mad or jealous because they can't be like you. There are many haters in sports today especially football. Tom Brady, who is now the greatest QB to have ever played the game, had a good amount of hate, criticism, and disrespect at the NFL Combine. His combine didn't go as he hoped it would when he ran the 40 yard dash in 5.28 seconds. He was also 6'5 and only weighed 211 pounds and in the NFL you want to be heavy unless your the kicker or the punter. In the draft he was the 6th round pick at number 199. It just goes to show you that you cannot listen to the hate and criticism you take at the NFL Combine. The NFL Combine is a great thing because it gives the young guys a chance to go and show the scouters what their made of and complete their dream!

© 2018 Cody Taylor


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    • Ty Tayzlor profile image

      Troy Taylor 

      3 years ago from Anywhere

      Case in point of criticism, Mike Mamula. He probably should have been a mid round pick, but because he trained to perform at the combine, he ended up being selected seventh overall by Philadelphia. He had an average at best six year career and the eagles probably wished they would have taken Warren Sapp instead


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