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The NFL: Which City Deserves a New Team

Updated on March 15, 2016

Recently there has been significant relocation in the NFL. The St.Louis

Rams have announced that they are moving to Los Angeles. Furthermore

we have learned that the Oakland Raiders may move to San Antonio and that

the San Diego Chargers may move to Los Angeles. Given that the tendency of

relocation seems here to stay in the NFL,let’s look at some cities that don’t

have NFL teams. There are some American cities that would be great for an

NFL team while there are others who definitely should pass on the idea.

Let’s first take a look at Las Vegas. Upon first glance this city would be

an obvious choice for either NFL expansion or relocation. It is a glitzy,

popular American entertainment hub. It has tons of tourists visiting every

year. Why not add to its array of entertainment choices by having an NFL

team call the Sin City home? The answer to this question is an overwhelming

NO! Las Vegas with its legalized gambling and prostitution would be a horrible

temptation to the rank and file NFL players and staff competing in that city.

The NFL has enough behavioral problems without the indulgences of gambling

and prostitution so this major American city should be avoided at all costs.

Another area considered for NFL relocation or expansion is Utah.

This populous state with its young, growing population already has the Utah

Jazz as its NBA franchise. If the Jazz has undoubtedly been a success then

why not complement it with an NFL team?! Once again the answer is a

resounding NO! This is because Utah is a predominantly Mormon state boasting

the Mormon religion’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, the state’s capital.

Mormons go to church on Sunday and services typically last no less than

three hours. Getting out of church after 3 hours on Sunday morning would put

you awful close to 1 pm, the typical time NFL games start. You can’t expect

people to rush from church straight to football game. This reality closes the

door on an NFL franchise in Utah.

Another potential NFL City comes to mind and that is Memphis.

This is a city that is eager for professional football but always seems

to run out of luck when they get a team.

It all started for Memphis in 1974 when a new professional football

league was created, the World Football League. This league had a

franchise in Memphis, the Southmen. They signed several successful

NFL players, Larry Czonka,Danny White, Paul Warfield and Jim Kiick.

After two years the financially troubled league went out of business.

The Southmen Franchise didn’t give up, formally petitioning to join the

NFL in 1976 as an expansion franchise. Sadly the NFL rejected this

petition. This frustration continued over the next three decades

as four different professional football teams from four different

leagues (USFL,XFL,NFL and Canadian Football League, yes Canadian)

set up shop in Memphis only to have the team or the league go

out of business or move away. The great question remains: Is

there any American city that has suffered more than Memphis

in its quest for a professional football team? The answer is once

again,NO! Justice must be done after 40 years of frustration

and Memphis must be granted an NFL team via expansion or

relocation. The NFL ain’t nothing but a buncha houndogs if they don’t agree!


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