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The NFL and the Fans

Updated on October 7, 2011

Throughout the 17 week regular season as well as the playoffs there a lot of blowout games in the NFL. Theres a lot of blowout games in all of sports to be quite honest but we're going to focus on the NFL today. There's a lot of bad teams in the NFL. But what do you expect with their being 32 teams. Not every team will have a winning record, there has to be some bad teams. But what sparked my thought was a radio show a while back. They were talking about the Rams vs. Ravens game in St. Louis. They lost 37-7. I mean there wasn't super bowl winning hopes when they started especially now with an 0-4 record. In this game the Ravens were winning 21-0 before the very end of the first quarter. If you're a Rams fan I'm sure you just turn off the channel and rule them out, right? You may check back every once and a while if you're a football fan and that happens to be one of the only channels on in the area with football. But you have ruled them out completely and a comeback is just unheard of. What do you do if you're at the game? I mean it's just the 1st quarter and I spent anywhere from 45 dollars to 350 dollars for the ticket to todays game. If you have season tickets your tickets may be a little bit cheaper because of buying in bulk. But come on, in this economy who gets season tickets. So at what point do you leave? Does it all become about how much you spent on the ticket? Well I only payed 50 bucks on todays game, maybe I could just come to a different game. Or would you be the person who says wow, I pay 200 bucks for a ticket. I don't care how much they lose by, I am going to stay until the bitter end.


Now to be honest, I am one of those fans who will usually stick it out no matter what. I live two hours from the city so if I am going to go there, spend the money on gas and on the ticket. I am going to get my moneys worth. And my local team just so happen's to be the St. Louis Rams. Along with a few others St. Louis is among the group of worst teams in the NFL up to this point in the season, and in the past few years. At what point do you pack it in and give up on a team like this? After week 4 and they are still winless do you decide to stop watching their games? History does tell us that a team goes 0-4 will not usually have a very good season. But do you decide just to be a fan of the sport in general or do adopt a new favorite team.

Do you stay true to your only team no matter what or do you just love some hard hittin' football? Let's just say for whatever reason you decide to just pick a new team. What kind of team would you root for? The defending world champions who this cannot seem to be stopped so far either, or would you try to root for a underdog team that has never gotten to the superbowl? Oh what do you do in such a situation. When it really comes right down to it, it really doesn't matter who it is. If it is a good game I want to watch it. But it is always a lot sweeter when it's your team, the team you follow. Do you ditch your team, why not everyone else seems to. You cannot really predict the future, and from week 4 you won't be able to tell who will make the playoffs and get into the super bowl. We are set to have a great season as a whole. There's a lot of great new breakout superstars. There's a lot of football still left to play and tons of surprises to come. But its certain everyone will be there in the end, its what you see and where you go along the way that makes it all worthwhile.


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