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The Olympic Rings

Updated on August 1, 2012

We all know that Olympic is represented symbolically through five interlocked rings. There are five rings representing the Five Continents. But wait a minute isn’t it wrong after all there are seven continents in the world then why the symbol has only five rings and which two continents are not included. Let us explore the five rings of Olympics today.

Who is the creator of the Olympic symbol?

In 1913, Barron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern day Olympics, designed the Olympic symbol as five different color rings interlaced together. The interlacing represented the healthy competition and sportsmanship spirit of the countries participating in the Games. The Olympic Rings were used first time during the 1920 Olympic Games at Antwerp, Belgium.

Which continents are represented through the Rings?

The Olympic rings represent Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa. These continents are not represented by any particular ring. The interlocking of rings represents the meeting of athletes from all these five continents.

Is there any significance of the colors of Rings?

Each ring has different color and set against a white backdrop. The colors of the rings are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black and white as the background color. The color represents the flag of the countries. You could find at least one color in the flag of the countries participating in the Olympics including the white color of the background.

In 2006 the International Olympics Committee identified educational value of the colors used in the Olympic Rings.

Red – Playing with healthy spirit

Blue – Excellence

Black – Joy of putting effort

Green – Maintaining a balance between Body, Mind and Soul

Yellow –Respect for all

London 2012 Olympic organizing committee has installed giant Olympic rings at various iconic sites of UK. This is a step to encourage and inspire people ahead of the games.


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    • profile image

      rajiv bhatnagar 5 years ago

      really london olympics is interesting !

    • Jbern117 profile image

      Jbern117 5 years ago from Dunmore, PA

      Interesting Hub; I never knew the Rings stood for the continents of the participants!