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Who Were The Original 6 Hockey Teams

Updated on March 1, 2013

the NHL

The History Of The Original Six !

 The Original Six Is a phrase term for the gang of six NHL Hockey teams that where part of the 1942-43 NHL American Expansion. The Term Original six started after a 1967 NHL expansion which added six more Franchises. The original six NHL teams have been in the NHL for over 40 years, and the original six can date back till the first decade of the NHL.

 In the 1920s The NHL  had ten teams in there league, but do to the Great Depression and through world-war 2 the league lost a few teams do to lack of founds and a loss of money. There would  only be six NHL teams for 25 years, but that all changed in the 60s.The NHL needed to do something to compete against a rival sports league called the National Foot Ball League, It was the success of the NFL that had the NHL looking for ways to create more fans, so they decided to do an expansion and create six more teams.

The Original Six Hockey Teams!

<> Boston Bruins

<>Chicago Blackhawks

<>Detroit Red Wings

<>Montreal Canadiens

<>New York Rangers

<>Toronto Maple Leafs

NHL Highlights Goals, Saves, Checks

Boston Bruins !

Boston Massachusetts is the home of the NHL team The Boston Bruins. Part of the Northeast Division in the Eastern Conference of the NHL< the Bruins are Part of the Original Six NHL teams. They were created in 1924 and they were also the first American Hockey team. The Bruins have won five Stanly cup championships, and that puts them second too the Detroit Red wings for American NHL Stanly cup victory wins.

Through out the years, the Boston Bruins have had there ups and downs. The early days of the franchise, was very prosperous with many victory. However the 50s and 60s, where terrible, with many losses and injuries. The Bruins plaid great through the 70s and 80s, but the have been playing bad hockey through the 90s, and it wasn’t in till they hired head coach claude Julien in 2007 to finally have a winning season.

Chicago Blackhawks !

Chicago, Illinois is the home of the Chicago Blackhawks. The Chicago BlackHawks play in the Central Division in the Western Conference of the NHL. The Blackhawks are part of the Original Six NHL teams and have been through some ugly times during the centuries of playing professional Hockey.

The Blackhawks are one of the worst NHL teams of the NHL. They had a few good seasons during the 80s making the playoffs but they never won the stanly cup. The Blackhawks would go through many different coaches thought the 90s, but they would finally win the Stanly cup in 2010, witch broke a 40 year win drought.

Detroit Red Wings !

The Detroit Red wings play in the Central Division of the Western Conference in the NHL. Detroit, Michigan is home of the Red Wings. The Read Wings are also part of the Original Six NHL teams. With 11 Stanly cup victories the Detroit Red Wings is one good American Franchise.

The Red Wings have gone to the post season Play-offs 25 of the last 27 NHL season witch puts The Red Wings on one hell of a good streak. In 2005 Steve Yzerman Retired and he was the longest standing captain of any NHL franchise hockey team.

Montreal Canadiens !

 The Montreal Canadiens where the first NHL team and they have the longest Operating Professional NHL team to date. The Montreal Canadiens are housed in the Province of Quebec. The Montreal Canadiens Have won 25 Stanly cup championships, and it was the 1992-93 NHL season was the last time they have a championship.


The Montreal Franchise has won 25% of all Stanly cup victories and they play in the Northeast Division of the Eastern Conference of the NHL. The Canadiens  are bitter rivals of the Boston Bruins and they have heated battles every time they play one another

Toronto Maple Leafs !

Toronto, OntarioCanada is the home of a popular NHL team known as the Toronto Maple Leafs. They play in the Northeast Division of the Eastern Conference in the NHL. Toronto is known for there hate-tread of the Montreal Canadians, and the Maple Leafs have won 11 Stanly cup championships.

Currently the Maple Leafs is in the longest drought of the NHL because they have not won the Championship in over 25 years. At 470 Million dollars the Toronto Maple Leafs are the most Valuable team of another franchise In the NHL.

New York Rangers !

 New York, New York is where you can find the NHL team the  New York Rangers  hanging out at. Part of the Atlantic Division and  in the Eastern Conference in the NHL. The Rangers are one of the Oldest NHL teams, and they where part of the Original Sic NHL teams.


In 208-2009 the Rangers where one of four NHL teams to open there season in Europe. The team would go on to have a success full making the playoff but lousing in the second round. The Rangers have four Stanly cup victories and they most likely make the playoffs every season.

Final Thoughts !

 There is a tone of history between all six NHL teams.The Original Six NHL teams are very proud of there history, and they are great NHL teams to watch. Where would the sport be without rivalries and team history ?  Me Personally i am  from Boston  and i Love the Bruins Canadians riverly and i look forward to next season to watch them play.


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    • profile image

      nick 5 years ago

      this website tells you all that who the orignal 6 hockey teams i love it

    • profile image

      Jan McGrann 5 years ago

      I enjoyed the article. These teams have a long a nd storied history with each other and are proud of thier Original heritage.

    • profile image

      C raig 6 years ago

      Toronto Maple leafs have won 13 cups not 11 , nd ki bleed blue and white!

    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

      I remember as a kid watching the original six teams play, it seemed like every player on every team was a star. They wore no head gear so you could easily identify with them as they raced down the ice or got into fights. That was when hockey was at its best! Thanks for sharing, makes me reminisce a bit. Voted Up and Interesting!