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The Ortiz vs Lopez Bout Was it Karmic Justice or Just Bad Luck?

Updated on June 18, 2013

The Ortiz vs Lopez Bout: Was it Karmic Justice or Just Bad Luck?

Showtime presented Saturday evening June 23, 2012 from Staples Center in Los Angeles, California the Victor Ortiz versus Josesito Lopez welterweight prize fight.

Victor Ortiz the former welterweight champion has had a run of bad luck. When he fought Floyd Mayweather in September 2011 he was knocked out. Victor Ortiz head butted Floyd Mayweather. Victor then reached out with his gloves to apologize to Floyd. Floyd quickly belted Ortiz and knocked him out. I am not sure if Rocky or Al Bernstein said this, but to paraphrase, “Things can get tough inside the ring.”

Some more bad luck for Victor Ortiz. Ortiz was set to fight Andre Berto. Berto tested positive for steroids and the bout was cancelled. Josesito Lopez was chosen as Berto’s replacement. Lopez was an underrated prize fighter.

The fight between Victor Ortiz and Joe Lopez was highly contested. Every round was close. All the judges had Ortiz ahead in the bout by the end of the ninth round. At the beginning of the fight Lopez was more active than Ortiz. Lopez is naturally lighter in weight than Victor Ortiz. Ortiz handled the punches delivered by Lopez. Ortiz’s harder blows did damage to Lopez.

In the fifth round Lopez lowered his head and Ortiz hit him a very hard shot on the back of the neck. This was clearly an illegal punch and the referee should have deducted a point from Ortiz. The referee gave Lopez a few minutes to recuperate and the fight resumed. The punch to the back of Lopez’s neck by Ortiz was reminiscent of the punch Hilary Swank received in the Clint Eastwood film, Million Dollar Baby. The Swank character was paralyzed by the brutal hit in the film.

In the ninth round Lopez delivered three or four hard punches to both sides of Ortiz’s face and broke Victor’s jaw. Victor Ortiz, with a broken jaw was unable to continue the fight. Josesito Lopez won the bout with a TKO. Lopez’s left eye was almost swollen shut at the end of the ninth round. Lopez earned this TKO victory through hard work and perseverance.

Was the negative outcome of this bout for Victor Ortiz more bad luck or karmic justice? Victor Ortiz is an intelligent young man with a college degree. He can be successful at anything he puts his mind too. He can change his karma with training, self control and hard work. Congratulations to both fighters for giving their best.

A final note, Showtime did a poll asking fight fans if the media overreacts to the decisions made by prize fight judges. Two thirds of the public said yes the media overreacts to these difficult decisions. Human error sometimes occurs in the decision making process and fight fans understand this.


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