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The Outstanding Picturesque Last Rides Of Fall In New York And Winterizing Your Bike

Updated on November 28, 2017

The Chill Of The Fall Air, Leather Jackets And The Thrill Of The Ride, Mohawk Towpath

The route for the Mohawk Towpath takes you onward the Mohawk River to where it cascades into the mighty Hudson. You begin your ride among famous structures in Schenectady such as the houses in the enclosed communities, the Proctor’s Theater, and the stunning campus of Union College. Outside of town the course is rich with trees as you jaunt near the Mohawk and the infamous Old Erie Canal and continue riding past some quaint towns including the historic Visher’s Ferry. It would be worthwhile not to pass up an observing of the remarkable 62 foot high Cohoes Falls, especially during the Fall months when the water vigorously rushes over the falls. The roads in this direction are in decent shape primarily. There is one bumpy area to be aware of.

The Mohawk Towpath byway is another country passage between Schenectady and Halfmoon making it definitely a preferable part of the route. You can anticipate many rolling hills and an abundant amount of curves. This road is the ideal course for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking to bounce around for a few glorious hours in the afternoon for some great recreation. There are numerous gas stations in Schenectady to refuel. If you are hungry you will also find lots of restaurants as well. If you are interested in doing a bit of sightseeing, you can stop and visit the Vaudeville Theater. You will pass by the sensational Bowman Orchards if you have a craving for a mouth-watering favorite apple where you pick.

Unfortunately taking these amazing picturesque fall rides is also a reminder that winter is not far behind unless you are one of the fortunate bikers across the country, where the weather is suitable all year long. But for the others fall marks an essential maintenance time for motorcycles. If you are one of those there are some crucial steps to safeguard your bike during the brutal winter months that are ahead. These are helpful course of actions to take to assure when spring rolls around again, that you will be able to get back on the road with nearly no bother.

Get together everything you will need, all the tools needed to winterize your motorcycle. The supplies are necessary are cleaning cloths, spark plug wrench, a trickle battery charger, a total of four or five quarts of excellent quality oil, and a new oil filter. You will also need an oil can or some other device so you are able to get oil in the cylinders. If you have a chain drive, it is necessary to have chain lubrication. Additional supplies are a fuel stabilizer, spray can of WD-40 and a cover that is breathable. A few other things include kitchen plastic wrap, rubber gloves, and items to clean and wax your bike. It is important to do all the preparation to winterize in a nice location such as a secure, heated garage. And then to have it stored there as well. Avoid wind, insects and other animals, mold, and chemical vapors.

Give your bike a complete washing using a mild detergent and water, by removing the accumulation of road dirt and insects you will protect the paint on the bike. Never spray water directly into the opening of the muffler. If this happens and if it gets wet, and then not completely dried before storage, inside rust can occur. Likewise, this also applies to moisture in the air cleaner housing. If the housing becomes saturated it is possible to perform as a choke, causing the motorcycle hard to start. So it is advisable to dry thoroughly with a good chamois cloth. Next polish the aluminum and all the surfaces that are stainless using the correct metal polish. Finish the job applying a good coat of wax polish on all painted surfaces, including the chrome as well. If you cycle has a chain, clean off all the built-up sludge with WD40. Lubricate the chain.

You will want to add a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank. To do it correctly fill the tank with gas, as full as possible. This step is extremely important as fuel gets addition violatile parts tend to transform which leaves muck and gooey substances that can affect the carburetor. Run the cycle so the gas and fuel stabilizer reach the carburetor as well as the fuel stabilizer or the fuel injectors. After this step, turn off the fuel and run it dry. If you have a carburetor channel your float bowls, be sure that the gas is shut off. Precede draining the gas from the carburetor bowl. Refer to your motorcycle instruction manual for the area of drain screws. Of course, if your cycle is fuel-injected there won’t be anything to drain.

When the engine is warm, you will be able to change the oil and the oil filter. It is commonplace for oil chemistry to convert over a period of time during months of being in storage. It is possible for older oil to develop acidic elements which can deteriorate engine parts. Utilizing an oil tool squirting the oil atop the front forks, sit on the motorcycle, hold on to the front brakes and thump the cycle up and down to move the front suspension, the reason this will maintain the rubber seals from drying out. As well as safeguarding the exposed fork tubes.

Disconnect the spark plugs wires cautiously with the appropriate spark plug wrench, then remove the plugs, apply a portion of motor oil in the cylinders. The correct amount is around one teaspoon for the ultimate to work well. Fold the plug wires in a location where they are safe. You don’t want them to arc. Next, oscillate the motor with the starter but only for a handful of revolutions. This action helps to get the oil well covered. Don’t forget to keep your face a safe distance. Cleanse and gap the spark plugs and place them back in, also, replace plug wires.

You might want to take the battery out since with some batteries they require charging roughly every four weeks with a battery tender type of charger. Amass sulfates can destroy a battery throughout cold storage when the bike is not used often. Putting a layer of Vaseline to the terminal on the battery can defend corrosion. This minor procedure will ensure an effortless spring startup. Utilizing a small amount of WD40 applied to the tail pipe opening and the air intake as well as wrapping plastic holding it in place with a rubber band. It is a necessary practice not to run the engine for brief periods of time while the motorcycle is in storage. It is possible that this will cause to condensation because of engine combustion by products in the oil.

Winter Is Not Far Off And The Urge Of Squeezing In A Few More Fall Motorcycle Rides Is Prying On Your Mind

From its majestic mountains and cities as well as the picturesque lakes to pastoral farmlands and vineyards, the Empire State has all upstate New York features motorcycle exciting rides meandering through the notable Adirondack mountains and the Appalachian highlands. Between these two uplands terrains and adjacent the eastern and northern borders, motorcycle rides will occur within a continuation of lowlands. The state is as well endowed with exceptional capacious crystal clear blue lakes. These lakes include Lake Erie, Ontario, and Lake Champlain. Also, magnificent rivers like the Hudson and Alleghany. A tremendous motorcycle ride in New York State can provide new exciting memories to last a lifetime! You won't want to forget your camera with all the incredible picturesque scenery you will pass by, and the stops along the way.

The Catskills Preserve, the scenery is breathtaking, You will spend the day engulfed by the Catskills Mountain range. Maneuvering your way through mountain passes and bordering past the clear blue waters of the reservoirs and rivers. If you plan your ride for around October 1st you will be able to fully enjoy the added beauty of the fall foliage. The leaves on the trees are nearly at their peak exploding with color. This colorful scenic ride is surprisingly direct 23A to 214. The rather short ride being just under 60 minutes speeds past diverse scenery. As you whiz through the twists and turns the landscape changes vividly. After cruising the city stretch of Catskills suburbs you ride past extended flat vistas of productive farms. Sprawling fields of corn and grazing cows, then the scenery dramatically changes quickly to go speedily into elevated swishing mountain passes, plan to slow down to accommodate the people visiting near Kanterskill Falls, or even yet, park and take the time to stretch your legs and enjoy a hike to rest before continuing your trip.

The next stretch of road is exhilarating especially if you can catch it early before the hikers are out and there are just a few cars on the road. The road continues to change during the course of your ride. It begins with narrow roads at are wide with lots of curves ahead, some are rather tight ones adding to the adrenalin rush and being careful. The speed limit is 55 but stay cautious. Adjust your speed when needed and take caution. Route 23A continues the ascend and off in the distance you can view the cliffs of Hunter Mountain. Taking a left onto 214 the scenic route deviates again. Traveling down off the mountain first you will catch a glimpse of compact neighborhoods with homes set back from the road. Quickly these are replaced by dense clusters of trees and no shoulder. The driving is a bit slower going with the roads having more twists. The road conditions are exceptional. These roads don't get a lot of heavy traffic so they stay in nearly ideal conditions for motorcycles. There is a plenitude of captivating towns and villages along the trail. Here you will be able to fuel up for your motorcycle as well as yourself. You will also get to meet some of the friendly locals. Camping is huge and if it happens to be one of your favorite interests there are no shortages of state and privately owned campgrounds for all your camping needs. They are spread out throughout the Catskill Preserve.


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    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 5 weeks ago from Cicero, New York

      Good morning Larry and thank you very much for your awesome comments. And yes, I agree with you the Fall colors are amazing. One of my favorite time of year. Yours too? Enjoy your day. Linda

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 5 weeks ago from Oklahoma

      Beautiful time of year. Great read!