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The Patriots Off Season: Myths Busted!

Updated on August 10, 2013
Can Tebow actually be useful to the Patriots in 2013?
Can Tebow actually be useful to the Patriots in 2013? | Source

Myths Busted

The Loss of Wes Welker Will be a Big Blow to Tom Brady

Two words(names actually) (and a disclaimer). Danny Amedola! (If he stays healthy!) He will either get close to or surpass Wes Welker's stats in New England (if, and it's a big IF, he stays healthy). He is bigger, faster, younger, and much more talented than Welker while playing with the same quarterback. While everyone outside of the organization is focused on the Hernandez situation, those two are extremely focused on getting first downs and scoring touchdowns. Watch out!

The TE Position is in Serious Trouble!

Belichick has always been a genius. When he signed Ballard last year with a loaded squad, people scratched their head. When he signed another young rookie talent, in Zach Sudfeld, people wondered why? Now with the medical situation related to Gronk and with Hernandez sitting in Jail awaiting trial, the coach of New England is looking like the smartest man in the room once again!

The Patriots are Vulnerable to the Dolphins or the Jets

In the immortal words of Chad Jackson, "Child Please!".
Maybe someday, but not this year. It's still Brady time.

The Receiving Corps Will Struggle

Losing guys that caught 77 percent of the balls (assuming Gronk is out) last season will devastate the Patriots. Uh, no! Tom Brady almost went to a Super Bowl with the likes of Chad Jackson, Doug Gabriel, and Reche Caldwell.

Receiver Aaron Dobson has already shown he can fill the roll (minus the tripping over his own two feet) that Lloyd filled for the first time last season. Brady has also already been reportedly finding instant connections in both undrafted free agents Zach Sudfeld as well as Kenbrell Thompkins who have caught everything thrown in their direction. The only question now is whether they can block?

Tim Tebow Will Get Cut

Sadly, this is not true. Statements from the coaches and players show they are dead set on using Tebow, at the very least, to help them defend against Pistol (run and shoot) type offenses in 2013. Most teams said they would be ready for the "read option" plays and Tebow, the Patriots believe, can assist them in that defense. He could easily turn out to the an Ochocinco type "best practice player we've got" type of deal. Don't be surprised.

Will Tim Tebow help the Patriots on the field in 2013 or just help them prepare during practice?

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    • billd01603 profile image

      billd01603 4 years ago from Worcester

      Good Hub Mark Let's hope Brady is good enough to make up for the loss of 2 great receivers. I disagree with you on Amedola. I think Welker was one of the greats and while Amedola may be a very good player he is not Welker. Maybe if Edelman can come back and can stay healthy, they may get enough out of the slot receiver position to make up for Welker. And Brady was 6 years younger when he had Gabriel, Christie and Caldwell. I'm cautiously optomistic about the Pats this year