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The Peanut Gallery. 2013 NFL Division Winners.

Updated on April 30, 2013

Taylor Fields. Guy who plays Piano wearing lacrosse helmet.

AFC East: Goes to New England. They will always have a strong team, and i think danny amendola will play a huge role, in my mind they basically updated wes welker. Dolphins will put up a fight, maybe wild card with the building they have done this off season, but the patriots are the smart choice this year.

AFC North: DISCLAIMER *EXTREMELY BIASED, the team that will clinch early will be the baltimore ravens. Cinci is the closest because they are truely building well, but the steelers qb seems to have taken a few too many big hits and i see big ben having a poor season, coupled with the loss of wallace, it could be rough for MY division rivals.

AFC South: Andrew Luck will lead his team to a division title. Colts take the south.

AFC west: Denver broncos, although i think the raiders will be a much improved team within the next three years, i think the broncos have a good chance.

NFC East- I hate to say it, but Tony Romo will take the cowboys to win the division, with this contract he is recieving and the added pressure i think he will step up, and the coaching staff will do alot to help with it. Giants will have yet another let down of a season. RG3 takes the season to recover wins a few, but not enough.

NFC North-
Minnesota Vikings will clinch.

NFC South- goes to, maybe my only bold prediction, the panthers. I think with two great middle line backers, and a good draft a the tackle position, this team is piosed to have the season they have had the potential to have for the past few seasons.

NFC West-
The arms war which has been the NFC west will be won by the seattle seahawks, two of the arguably best corners in the game, plus Wilson with some great throwing targets will make for 2 wins over the 49ers, and will win them the division.

Jensen Messick. Tim Tebow Lover.

AFC North Winner: Cincinnati Bengals
Youngest team in the AFC North. While every other team in the AFC North has entered into a rebuilding phase the Bengals have gotten more experience and added strength in the draft. Tyler Eifert is a great pick up for the Bengals because he's a match up nightmare. No one in the AFC North matches up with him physically. Margus Hunt is a physical freak of nature. No seriously, freak. It's a term that's thrown around too often but this man fits the bill. If he can improve his football technique than he'll be a force for years to come. Added great depth at running back with the adding of Bernard and Burkhead. They are going to be a fun team to watch.

AFC East Winner: Patriots.
Reason why? Tom Brady. The End.

AFC South Winner: Indianapolis Colts
They revitalized their pass rush by adding Bjoern Werner and added a speedy deep threat/decoy in Darius Heyward Bey that will open up things for the rest of the offense. I'm counting on Luck improving on his tremendous rookie season and his tight ends Fleener and Allen to improve on theirs. Andrew Luck will throw less interceptions and more touchdowns with another year of experience and the Colts take the AFC South.

AFC West Winner: Denver Broncos
Why? They are the only good team in their division. Let's be realistic. The rest of the AFC West is pure trash. The Broncos will put together another dominant run to the playoffs. With the addition of Welker it adds another facet to an offense already filled with weapons.
Oh, and Peyton Manning. Can't forget him.

NFC North Winner: Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers, James Jones, Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, BJ Raji, Clay Matthews, it's a team filled with talent. It just goes to show how great a team is when they go 10-6 and it's considered a down year. Aaron Rodgers is in my top 3 quarterbacks in the NFL right now, and with all those weapons they are ready for a shoot out with any team at any time and can come out on top. The Packers defense will improve this season and their offense will be as on point as ever. Packers easily take their division.

NFC East Winner: New York Giants
Now I'm just getting this out of the way now. The Redskins are falling back to Earth this year. Anyway, the Giants have the best quarterback in that division hands down. Best defense, best offensive line, best receiving corps. The list is endless. If its in the NFC East, chances are the Giants are the best at it with the exceptions of losing and throwing picks. The Eagles and Romo have that hands down.

NFC South: New Orleans Saints
A year removed from Bountygate the Saints return to the top of their division. One of the best QBs in the game, great O line, good receiving corps, decent defense, and honestly a weak division. The Falcons are their only real competition and I see then falling back to Earth a bit this year.

NFC West Winner: 49ers
Reason why? The Seahawks have a midget at quarterback and he gets injured horrendously and misses some games. But in all seriousness. The 49ers are the more complete team and have a more talented roster. Stars on both sides of the ball. Justin Smith, Carlos Rogers, Joe Staley, Frank Gore, Aldon Smith, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree. Now while I do believe that Kaepernick will have a rough year I'm counting on the Seahawks to fail. These two will finish with the same record or close to the same record. It will be a tough one to win but I feel like the 49ers come out on top in this one.

Doug Burnett. Reluctant Bills Fan.

AFC North is the Bengals since honestly they're the only team that significantly improved from last year to this one. A new TE in Eifert which gives them a new dimension in an offense that desperately needed a 1st down man.not to mention a new running back in Rex Burkhead which gives them a yet another new weapon to release on a depleted defensive division. Defensively Margus Hunt adds a new force to an already imposing D line. It would seem that they found a more than adequate replacement for Justin Smith.

AFC East
is the Patriots. Honestly this pick is simply because no one else in that division will have a winning record much less a division crown. Tom Brady alone could win that division if given FCS 2nd string WRs.

AFC South
is the Colts adding Bjoern Werner alone can be justified as the defensive piece the Colts needed to get over the Texans. Adding Heyward Bey also gave them a speedster that could get open deep.the only catch is can he improve his ball handling skills. Andrew Luck is hands down the best QB in that division already so to see any improvement would be to further their dominance. And on a personal note the signing of Dan Moore RB/FB from Montana which is a Hillis type back.look it up. Makes them a very dangerous backfield if used properly.

AFC West
is the Broncos. Honestly they don't have a rival for the next 5 years at least

NFC North
is the Packers they still have the most complete team in that division. The Vikings are making excellent strides but made questionable picks in this draft. The Bears are building a previously non existent O line and the Lions are struggling for any kind of synergy when it comes to a game plan

NFC South is the Saints. The defense isn't as good as 2011 but the offense is just as good as ever.Drew Breeds will light it up for yet another season. Brees!

NFC East I have the Redskins simply because the rest of that division is in shambles.the Giants could change my mind depending on how they play in the opening weeks but the Eagles and Cowboys are in effective rebuilding stages.

NFC West I have the Niners since they are the most complete team in that division.the Seahawks have pieces but I'm not convinced they can put it together for a division run.the problem simply is the O Line. The 49ers have both sides of the ball in relative chemistry. The QB situation leaves something to be desired but its the same with the Seahawks. Palmer to Swope is all the Cardinals will have. The Rams have no legitimate threat on offense so it truly leaves the 49ers and Seahawks with the 49ers winning out in the end

Ryan Smith, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Fanatic

AFC North- The Baltimore Ravens won this division with ease last year, and they improved. Have the rest of the division improved? The Browns? Don't make me laugh. Pittsburgh? Rebuilding. The Bengals? Yes, but Marv Lewis teams always fall apart when it counts, especially in elimination games, and I don't like Andy Dalton. The Ravens improved enough to glide to a division title.

AFC South- I think the Colts have this on lock. The Texans were never for real anyway and the power duo of Tennessee and Jacksonville are hilariously bad.

AFC East- I don't think we'll ever know how good the Patriots are. They play in the weakest division in the NFL and are almost guaranteed a top seed because of the 6 guaranteed wins. New England struggles to beat quality teams, hence their recent and frequent post-season meltdowns. If you don't believe that, then explain to me how both the Giants and Ravens seem to have their number.

AFC West- See: The AFC East. The whole division is rebuilding. The Chargers are trying different pieces to a broken product, the Raiders are starting from ground zero, and Kansas City brought in, and overpayed a bunch of washed up has beens or never weres to coach and play.

NFC North- The Pack still has this. The Bears can't protect Jay Cutler, the Vikings don't have a QB to protect, and the Lions can't seem to get that chemistry to unites the three units. Perhaps the addition of Reggie Bush will help this team score points in real football, and not just the fantasy world this year. We'll see.

NFC South- The Saints get to play all the worst teams in the NFC as well as the worst division in the NFL, the AFC East. With their offensive firepower, they will overwhelm all of those teams and win the division with little concern over the behavior of Atlanta or Tampa Bay.

NFC East-
The Giants have this division wrapped up. The Eagles and Cowboys are in cap hell under poor management and won't be relevant for years and the Redskins will actually have to play decent teams this season, who will all have figured out the simplicity of the pistol formation, and might not have RG3.

NFC West- I predict the downfall of the pistol in 2013, and no team will suffer more than the 49ers. I guess my friends have forgotten about how mundane and predictable the 49ers were before the pistol... They're a 2D offense with an aging defense that failed to improve. The Seahawks improved in every area. They added pass rushers and a new weapon in Percy Harvin. I don't see how the 49ers even compete with the Seahawks.
I'll bet my credibility on it.


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