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The Peanut Gallery. The Most Obnoxious Fanbase.

Updated on April 18, 2013

Lets face it. We get incredibly passionate about our sports here in America.
We associate ourselves with our teams and get fiercely defensive whenever somebody else has an opinion. My least favorite thing about sports-writing is when people get angry with me and leave nasty comments because I made a comment they don't like about their team.
It doesn't matter if I back up my point with facts and evidence, "I'm just a jealous hater who doesn't know anything about sports".
So I decided to consult with the Peanut Gallery about which fanbases they found the most obnoxious.
DISCLAIMER- These comments do not apply to all fans of these fanbases. We're not saying that every single fan of this team is this way. I'm sure there are some awesome fans of every franchise, you might even be one of them. But probably not.

Taylor Fields. Hater of all things Bandwagon.
Worst most obnoxious fan base. Philadelphia eagles. These are the fans who boo their own team, because they are not living up to the fans expectations. When they are the ones titling them the "dream team". I remember arguing with a Philly fan after the eagles trounced the ravens in a preseason game. I couldn't believe the conclusions they made based off that game. Then another fan and another talking about the same preseason victory. I think it's not over confidence, but that the fan base literally does not have the football intelligence to see that their team isn't what they expect it to Be. Andy Reid was probably relieved to leave. Some of this hostility toward eagles fans most likely comes from being in an area littered with fans of Philly sports, but our of all the fan bases, the Philadelphia eagles are the ones I have the least interest in having a sports related discussion with.

Jensen Messick. Professional Devil's Advocate.
I would honestly have to say the Steelers. They have six super bowls and six million band wagon fans who are fans of them just to say "Well my teams got six superbowls. We don't suck."

Ryan Smith. Writer of this blog.
I agree with both Jensen and Taylor. Many fans flock to the Steelers because they have more Super Bowls than any other team, and act like they have something to do with the championships. Like they were part of the 53 who won those rings... And the Eagles? Donovan McNabb was easily, easily the best QB in the history of their franchise. He didn't win the big one? I'm sorry, how many playoff wins do Kolb and Vick have? I mean, since they were so much better. But they booed McNabb from the moment he was drafted to the day he left. Oddly, the only time they cheered him? When he came back as a Redskin.
But, I'm gonna go a different way.
The New England Patriots.
There, you can just cut and paste that comment into the section below, because I know it's coming. Here's what bothers me.
Go back to 1999. Did you know any Patriots fans?
Funny. Neither did I, and most of my family lives in Connecticut.
They jumped on after 2001, 2003, and 2004.
I bet its really tough to like a team that hasn't had a losing record in 10 years and has three rings with their MVP QB.
Ask a Patriots fan who Drew Bledsoe is. Ask a Patriots fan what number Deion Branch wore the first time he played with the team. Ask a Patriots fan who was playing QB in the 2001 AFC Championship. They won't know.
Here's my favorite conversation to have with them.
Manning vs Brady.
Because, "Stats don't matter. Brady has 3 rings, Manning only has 1" and "Well, Brady threw 50 TDs in 2007 and Manning's record was only 49" are completely cohesive arguments Nothing hypocritical about that.

I'm a Raiders fan. We haven't had a winning season since 2002. You don't get to just pick a team because they're winning a lot. You're a real fan alright, but I'll buy this Aaron Rodgers jersey and set it aside for you to have when Brady retires.


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