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The Possible Naturalization of Javale Mcgee for the Philippine Basketball

Updated on May 22, 2012
Mcgee to play for the Philippines?
Mcgee to play for the Philippines? | Source

After I woke up from bed this morning, I immediately went in front of my computer. I open my Google Chrome and log on to my Facebook. Then I saw some Yahoo articles that read by my virtual friends in my news feed. One of those news articles that I found is about on Javale McGee of the Denver Nuggets, who is now getting closer to become a Filipino citizen as Antipolo City Representative Robbie Puno filed House Bill 6169 that will call McGee a naturalized Filipino and can play for the Smart-Gilas Philippine Team from 2013 and beyond. What annoyed my morning is that a lot of foreigners made their comments and laughing on us(Filipinos) about our height and the economical status of our country and yet we still have the time to make bills like this(naturalization of McGee). There were also comments that we all suck to basketball that’s why we are relying on foreign player like Javale.

McGee Dunks during the Smart All-Stars versus Smart Gilas National Team
McGee Dunks during the Smart All-Stars versus Smart Gilas National Team | Source
Pacquiao with Smart All-stars(NBA players)
Pacquiao with Smart All-stars(NBA players) | Source

We saw that the game of McGee has come with an improvement after he got traded to the Denver Nuggets. It was more mature and as the Nuggets is now out from the NBA playoffs, he will have more time to improve his game that can probably make him as one of the best bigman in the NBA for the coming years. He was also a restricted free agent this coming summer and his status might affect his desire of playing for the Smart Gilas Pilipinas team. Mcgee has been in the Philippines a few times, his first appearance is during the Smart All-Star Weekend as he grouped with other NBA players including Rose, Durant and Bryant to play with the Smart Gilas National. After that, he returned to the Philippines to become as a Smart Endorser and later, expressed his willingness to play for the Philippine National Team.

If the naturalization will go into easy process and make McGee eligible to play for the Philippine team in the coming FIBA Asia Championship in 2013, this could boost the chances of the Filipinos to play in the 2014 FIBA World Cup. As mentioned in the news article by Yahoo sports, McGee, a known shotblocker in the NBA, but most of his blocks often called goaltending. However, this will be ruled out in international tournaments since it was written in the FIBA rules that once the ball hits the rim, a player can already grab or swat the ball away. And this could make McGee a skyscraper in international scenes which could help a lot to fill the gaps of the Filipinos whose known weakness is in the middle.

Marcus Doughit
Marcus Doughit | Source

Furthermore, in order to define the effect of Mcgee to the Philippine National Team. He could be a real asset with them. Basing on their past performance in the FIBA Asia Championship last year where Marcus Doughit is still operating the paint for them. They already grabbed the fourth place, which is their highest achievement in the FIBA Asia tournament since winning the gold medal in 1986 FIBA Asia Championship. But, they could get home possibly at least second if not only because of the absence of their star point guard, JV Casio because of ankle injury as they were beaten by Jordan, who they’ve won in the elimination for the gold medal game. Even though Marcus Doughit became as the leading scorer of the tournament, if he will be replaced, there is no doubt that McGee is more effective than him especially if Javale will become more mature with his game and learned how to use his athleticism well. Another thing is that McGee is younger and has fresher legs to compete with the run-and-gun game of the Philippines. Watch out!


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    • xBlizz08 profile image

      xBlizz08 5 years ago from Laoag City, Philippines

      thanks for stopping by lifeoflata. Well, he already expressed his desire to play for our country. I don't think that he will give up the NBA while playing for the Philippines, this is because the season schedule of both, the NBA and the PBA(where filipino nat'l players will be pick) is almost similar. NBA runs from November to June and the PBA, from October to June(sometimes early July).

    • lifeoflata profile image

      lifeoflata 5 years ago from Tacoma Wa

      It would be cool if magee goes to the play in the Philippines, but do you really think that he would give up playing in the NBA at such a young age?