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The Power of Self Defense

Updated on May 18, 2014

Why learn self defense?

While most would love to believe that we live in the safest world, unfortunately that is very untrue. With child abduction being very popular and battery going on in homes, self defense is a must. People should be able to physically defend their selves in case danger imposes upon them. Although there are some who live in a perfect world assuming they are safe without knowing how to defend their selves, there are others who choose to take precautions in order to ensure they are capable of physically protecting their selves. The same goes for their children. Many parents or legal guardians choose to place their child or children in self defense classes when they are still young, because the parents are looking out for the best interest of their kids. In my opinion, this is the best way to go because this can also help children protect their selves from bullies.

What are the different types of self defense?

When people think of self defense they usually almost always relate it to martial arts. While martial arts is a very good way to learn self defense, it is not the only way. Take boxing for example. The sport is widely known for its fame on television and famed participants, but what many are not considering is the self defense learning that boxing involves. How does boxing teach one self defense? Because the sport boxing requires you to learn how to throw a powerful punch. Boxing also teaches you speed and coordination to where you can successfully use your body like a fighting tool if needed. There is also kick boxing. This requires you to use your legs and upper body when defending yourself.

These are only a few of the self defense training options that exist.

How does self defense empower you?

Self defense not only teaches one how to protect their body, but it also teaches them how to protect their mind. This might seem odd to most people but anyone who has learned self defense (regardless of the form they were trained with) knows what I mean. It's like you feel strong physically and mentally. As a trained boxer I have this exact feeling. It also helps me to have confidence and most importantly, courage. In fact, learning the sport boxing enhanced my overall well being to where I became fully aware of my weaknesses so I could strengthen them.

How can you decide if learning self defense is for you?

Let's think about this in a logical way. Imagine you are walking to your car in a dark parking garage. You approach your vehicle only to find a mugger in your space. Right when you turn to see the person you see they are armed. What do you do? Of course, most people give their purse or other belongings to the mugger. That's only the most logical thing to do right? For most, yes. However, this is not the case for those who know self defense. In fact, there are even self defense classes that teach you how to successfully disarm a person. You do not have to be a licensed gun carrier to know how to disarm a person who is carrying. There are self defense classes that teach you how. If this is not convincing enough for one to consider self defense training, I do not know what is. We have to keep in mind that we are living in a very untrustworthy world and at any given time we could be physically attacked or our lives could be threatened by a person who is armed.

YouTube can teach you self defense

Some people may not have the time to go to classes in order to learn self defense but there are other options that they can consider. For one, the internet. You can Google and find many different self defense training articles, videos, etc. I recommend YouTube more than anything though. The reason why is because there are various self defense training videos on YouTube. Yes, learning in person is the best way to go, but mental training can be just as effective as long as you are practicing the moves as you watch the video's instructor and guidance. At least you will have some kind of self defense knowledge in case you ever need to use it.


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