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"Raider Nation" Reflect Their Late Owner's Personality

Updated on November 19, 2018
Dan W Miller profile image

"The Vanilla Godzilla" was raised in Ventura County, California. He is a USN veteran, divorced with grandkids, living in Phoenix since 2000.

Raider fans are some of the most outrageous boosters in sports. To them it's a way of life!
Raider fans are some of the most outrageous boosters in sports. To them it's a way of life! | Source
A team reflecting the owner's personae. He coined the phrase, "Commitment To Excellence" and his signature, "Just win, baby!"
A team reflecting the owner's personae. He coined the phrase, "Commitment To Excellence" and his signature, "Just win, baby!" | Source
In Oakland's Alameda Stadium also known as "The Black Hole" silver and black attack! We're not crazy. We're just REALLY passionate about our guys!
In Oakland's Alameda Stadium also known as "The Black Hole" silver and black attack! We're not crazy. We're just REALLY passionate about our guys!

The team and their fans have always been the bad boys of the NFL. The fans reflect the passion of the late owner, Al Davis who passed away in 2011.

The Oakland Raiders have always been different even within their own sport. The fans are different, their late owner, Al Davis was different, even their style of play is different.

That's just the way they like it! The Raiders are the only pro sports team that reflect the attitude and personality of it's (late) owner and THAT way of thinking is passed on to the fanatical fan base! The Raider Nation is like NO OTHER in sports!

There are only two "nations" in sports - the Boston Red Sox and the Oakland Raiders. That's right. Fans of the Raiders consider themselves so connected to the team, it's a nation unto itself. We fans ENJOY being "that other team."

We WANT YOU to hate us! Oh, we've taken our lumps lately. It was bound to happen sometime. Every team goes through it. Just don't make a habit of it like the Chicago Cubs.

People tend to overlook another trait the Raider fan has over the fan of other teams. In California there is a huge contingency of Mexican Americans. Possibly the most of any state. The Latin people are famously known for large families that stick together. Don't make me prove this through statistics.

So being a citizen of Raider Nation is a family feeling which is often overlooked because of a bandito reputation.

This LA FAMILIA theme is woven throughout the nation like a colorful basket created by GrandMama when she was growing up in Juarez.

More family atmosphere exists within than any other team in the NFL. Didn't know that, did you? I've been a witness to it since 1967.

I can remember going to a game at The Coluseum in Los Angeles and anyone getting out of line was quickly halted from any negative behavior by intervening patrons. In ither words, you could get punched if you act like a culo or a pindejo.

One time while at a game, a guy was just asking for it, when he threw a beer on a policeman. Everyone in his immediate area pointed him out and then a large man picked him up in a headlock to "present" him to the officer (who didn't see who did it) referring to him as "sir" amid cheers. So don't talk about and don't assume what you don't know about, people.

Everyone jumps on that "bandwagon" of popular winning teams like the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys and that's fine. But we've had our share of that and winning, too. Three Super Bowls to be exact.

Birth of A Nation

When you are deemed "A NATION" your loyalty goes much deeper. It's an attitude. We relish intimidating opponents. Not bullying people. That's for punks. Raider players have been historically known for winning at all costs. What do you think is the hidden meaning when Al Davis coined the phrase, "Just win baby!"?

You mean cheating in the game? Did you know it's legal as long as you can get away with it? We like to get into your head and make you think it's a possibility because of "our" reputation.

We have no nemesis. It's never a friendly rivalry. Only enemies and teammates. We are brash, we brag, we're confident and conceited because we can be and then we can back it up.

If we fail, I bet we had put up one hell of a fight and oh, you KNEW you were in a battle by the end of the game, the end of the fight at the end of the day and then couldn't believe your ears when we immediately yelled, "Let's run it back again!" The tough fans are the same way.

If we lose, we're Cool Hand Luke punching at the air as George Kennedy says, "Stay down! You're beat!" We want to EARN your respect. If you are afraid of us, that's your problem.

If you just plain hate us, well good! Then we have succeeded in nearly winning already because deep down lies the jealousy others have for us. We. Love. Haters.

When we win, we'll yell it from the mountain top but immediately offer a hand down to our opponent and say, "Helluva game, amigo! No hard feelings. Come on over to the house and have a few brewskies with us... and sorry about your front teeth."

No Hard Feelings - As Long As We Win

When the cops show up at our house because of complaints from the neighbors of way too much noise and you open the door, they see that it's "you guys."

So instead of being the intimidating force they are expected to be like, they talk to you in a lowered tone, man-to-man to tell you why they are there and ASK you to TRY to at least keep the party on the property please so they won't look bad by being called out again.

You know that if you can help them out and comply with them, even just a little bit, then a small favor could be granted at a later date when they recognize you in your next encounter with that same cop.

We are what your father said not to be like although he silently wishes HE could be like us.

We frighten your mother into a repressed excited state then she dreams about us when she's all alone and not satisfied enough.

Your sister sneaks out of the house to go to our party then comes home drunk, happy, her blouse on inside out and still smiling as her Dad is lecturing her.

We are Celts, Vikings, Warriors, Huns, Gunslingers and Rebels and we want General George Patton, Lawrence of Arabia, Teddy Roosevelt, William Wallace, Knute Rockne or John Madden to give us a speech before leading us into battle. We are from the proud nation of the United States of America and we are also a nation of no equal.

The Raiders just might have the hottest fans. Their cheerleaders are second only to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders

Raider fans stand alone as the renegade, the outcast and the feared!
Raider fans stand alone as the renegade, the outcast and the feared!
Probably saying, "Just win, baby!" Liked playing the underdog and throwing the long bomb.
Probably saying, "Just win, baby!" Liked playing the underdog and throwing the long bomb. | Source

NFL FILMS named it The Greatest Run in NFL and Super Bowl history. It brought Todd Christensen (R.I.P.) to tears. Marcus Allen busts the game wide open to start

The Boss is up there with Da Boss.

He Created "The Nation" - God Created The Rest

The owner of the Raiders died not long ago. Al Davis went from Assistant Coach to Head Coach to Owner and General Manager of the Raiders. At one time he was also Commissioner of the old American Football Football League in which the Raiders were a first year team.

Then the AFL merged with the National Football League in 1970. That makes Al Davis the only person in pro sports history to hold as many job titles for one league of anyone else.

Some hated him for his overbearing and ruthless cutthroat style of business. But players loved him, Raider fans loved his style and the man was used to controlling EVERYTHING within the organization. What if he was up there watching the Raiders while The Lord ruled over the universe? What if Al was having a difficult time letting someone else rule things from now on?

I'd have to imagine the partnership (of course, Al wouldn't have it any other way but less than 50%) to be a mutual respect for one another. I imagine it might even go something like this fictional encounter:

He's up there. He's standing by His side as if to make sure He's doing everything correctly, HIS way. The Raider Way. He's watching Him as He watches over us.

Rest assured Raider fans, Da Boss is watching over us all, predicting our next move and even tells Him so out of the corner of his mouth what's going to happen next while never missing one precious second of the action. Because "The Creator" (of Raider Nation) KNOWS. God just created the rest of the universe.

Always In Charge Of His Universe

When God gets up and announces that He has to go visit the restroom, Da Boss just assumes it's his queue that He means for him to "keep an eye on things" while He's gone.

So Al confidently tells Him that everything will be just fine while He's away (still without ever taking his eyes off the action) and tells Him so in that hoarse Brooklyn accent. Al never sees The Lord smiling to Himself as He walks out of the "Owner's Booth" to give Al "his moment."

He knowingly is smiling because He's letting Al think He's actually going to let him do it. He let's him think he's in charge because Al is just used to being in charge... OF EVERYTHING and this must be just eating him up inside knowing that someone ELSE is in charge and running the show.

Oh, and He doesn't have to go relieve Himself. He's God. He's just doing this act because He's a nice guy and so Al can have his moment just like back on Earth and so he doesn't suspect a thing.

They Both Want The Crusader, The Martyr

Al wants the non-perfect, the outcast who is teetering on the cliff between eternity and Hellfire damnation. He wants the guy that needs a break. Because he knows, he can trust that bandito far and above the squeaky clean guy.

Because that rebel, that pirate, that ex-criminal KNOWS what the bottom feels like and he's going to do all he can to play his heart out for The Man and NEVER go back there ever again.

That's who The Lord wants too. But Al's rules go even a step further. Because he DEMANDS his soldiers follow two simple rules. A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE and JUST WIN, BABY! It's just that simple.

Epilogue: Only One Team Can Make This Claim

This song plays over and over but only Al can hear it. Only one NFL team has their own NFL Films song orchestrated by, of course, the master of music set to NFL highlights, Sam Spence. "Autumn Wind."
Only one team has an official poem. The Late Great voice of NFL Films, John Facenda recites it over and over to AL. He recites it at the beginning of the Raider anthem.

"... The Autumn wind is a Raider... pillaging just for fun..."

AUTUMN WIND - NFL Films song:

(Scroll below for song and poem)

The author, Dan W. Miller has had peace of mind as he goes to bed at night knowing The Great Raider In The Sky is watching over him... oh, and God, too. Resident of the Raider Nation since 1967.

"Autumn Wind" by NFL Films Music is the Raiders' theme song especially created just for the team

We LOVE IT when you hate us!

Are the Raiders and their fans the most hated in pro sports?

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© 2014 Dan W Miller


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