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The Return of Lucha!

Updated on September 22, 2015

Trollin' down the street.

It was sometime around six o’clock, though I can’t remember the exact time. I’d just fed the cat and went over to the computer to check something quickly before starting dinner. You know, normal Monday stuff. Little did I know that just simply clicking on Twitter would go down as one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent memory, alongside going to see Mad Max: Fury Road and dumping that Cumberland Farms chill zone drink in the sink after they gave me a diet Pepsi instead of regular (should’ve gone to the 711). It happened pretty fast too. Scrolling through the endless wall of weird ass tweets, a bright shade of red caught my eye. Now I don’t know about you Lucha Kliq, but at this point, bright red instantly makes me think Lucha Underground, the same way Hayden Christensen makes me think “that movie is going to suck. Don’t do it.”. So I looked over, and to my non surprise, it was something LU related. To my absolute surprise, it was from LU’s long dormant official account, which hadn’t been active since Ultima Lucha. And even though you likely know the rest by now, why don’t I show you what it said anyway?

Yes girls and boys, the long, national nightmare is over. After over a month (which felt like a year spent in that Dragon Ball Z hyperbolic time chamber) of uncertainty, bad rumors and some people even saying it be fortunate if it never came back, Lucha Underground is indeed coming back. Details are scarce right now; we know that it’ll be in Boyle Heights yet again (presumably in the Temple), we know tapings will begin by the end of this year and who the hell cares about the rest, LUCHA UNDERGROUND IS BACK BABAY (sorry Heath Slater). I’m not even sure how to express it in words how the news felt, even though I’ll try. Those who read me consistently know how much I write about the LU and how I feel about it; I’ve often called it the best wrestling promotion around today and have no qualms saying it saved my wrestling fandom after WWE splintered it in two (may I stress enough that that statement doesn’t mean WWE doesn’t work for others on a whole. If you like WWE, great. It just didn’t work for me. I’m not sure why I still feel compelled to say that, but I’m doing it anyway). So seeing that news yesterday filled me with a feeling that I probably won’t feel again until the Cubs win the World Series or I win that Best Original Screenplay award at the Oscars. It was a victory; it was probably the same way Vampiro felt when he walked down the Temple steps as the vampire Pope.

Of course, there’s only so many ways to say, “IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!” without saying that phrase, so I’ll stop. The focus now turns for what all of this means; for Lucha Underground, for us in the Lucha Kliq and for wrestling as a whole. And while I may be a very happy fanboy right now, I think I can clear my head enough to make some good points. Thus, here they are.

1. LU must’ve scored in regards to a TV deal. I must admit, I’ve been thinking about this point ever since the announcement of season two was made, mainly because it’s the only thing that makes sense. I think I speak for most members of the fan base in saying that it seemed like season two would only come to fruition if a) a better TV deal was reached on top of what they had (either with Univision or something like Netflix) or b) if the LU managed to cut some serious costs (which would likely have led to them leaving the Boyle Heights area for a cheaper filming location). Again, details are still scarce, but it appears that not only is LU coming back, they’re going to be coming back in the same exact place. Doesn’t that indicate something good happened on the TV front? Does it mean they reached a deal with Univision or a streaming service? Did El Rey and Unimas pony up more money? Were there cuts? Barring the latter scenario, this can only be a good thing for the LU, especially since it could prevent something like this uncertain offseason from happening again. Seriously, wouldn’t you prefer a better TV deal that guarantees a season three, four and five then having to go through this song and dance again? I’m going to be breaking people’s arms like Pentagon Jr. if we have to deal with that.

I assume he's talking about taking people's souls, but it could also be Medallions
I assume he's talking about taking people's souls, but it could also be Medallions

2. We’re indeed going to get to see if Lucha Underground is for real. Now I know some of you may be taking that statement the wrong way there, but you shouldn’t. I certainly believe Lucha Underground is for real. I also know that you need more than one season of something to have a proven track record (no matter how much the creator of Heroes wishes otherwise). There are many reasons it would’ve sucked if the LU had never returned; one of those reasons would’ve been all the doubters having all the ammunition in the world to call the LU an unsustainable fluke that wouldn’t last long term. Now, all of that talk can fade away just like the Cardinals’ lead on the Central Division. In its place, we not only get to see Lucha Underground return, but we’ll also get to see it show that last year was just the beginning of a very long, successful run. And who doesn’t love to see something they love prove doubters wrong?

3. Yesterday’s announcement was a great thing, A GREAT THING, for wrestling. I bring you back to earlier in the column where I brought up someone saying that it would be fortunate if LU never did return. I wasn’t making that up; that was the actual feelings of a wrestling fan I know, speaking on how he wanted the company to go away so guys like Johnny Mundo could return to WWE. I’ll admit now, I’ve thought about those comments a lot, mainly because they irritated the hell out of me. Not because he wanted Mundo back in WWE (what wrestling fan, aside from my buddy Pen, wouldn’t want Mundo in their company), but the fact that he seemingly wanted LU gone faster than a fraternity brother trying to rid himself of a co-ed. What kind of wrestling fan do you have to be if you’re actually wishing death on a promotion? It’s not a good look when the only things I can compare this to is Randy Quaid’s character from Major League II Womack from The Rock.

What is the point to all that? Simply put, wrestling is better off when, I don’t know, there are more wrestling companies, thus leading to more wrestlers having jobs. If nothing else, Lucha Underground’s announced return yesterday was a victory on that front alone. Now there’s another confirmed promotion out there for fans to watch if they get sick of WWE. Wrestlers like Angelico, Son of Havoc, Fenix, Mil Muertes, Prince Puma, Ivelisse, Jack Evans, Aerostar, Catrina and countless others now have a bigger spotlight to show the US audience what they can do. Indie stars will now have another potential option for a bigger spotlight of their own if WWE, ROH or TNA isn’t available to them. Throw out any fact you want and you’ll find that there’s nothing remotely bad about Lucha Underground returning to El Rey sometime in early 2016. It’s a great thing for the company, for the wrestlers and wrestling on a whole. You could say it’s very fortunate for wrestling that this even occurred.

And to that end, what more can I really say? The truth is, for me at least, that most of those points up there for what LU’s return means don’t measure up to the most important meaning; my favorite wrestling show is going to be back on the air. I could make all the points in the world, and nothing could measure up to that lone statement right there. So with that, and due to the fact that my brain is emotional silly putty right now, I’ll sign off after one last mark out moment. LUCHA UNDERGROUND IS COMING BACK! HELLZ TO THE YEAH!

Greatest mark out face of all time!
Greatest mark out face of all time!

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