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The Olympics and the Return of the Devil King

Updated on October 7, 2014

Some people believe that the 2012 Olympics will be the stage for the biggest hoax in human history. They believe that whatever transpires there will usher in non other than the anti-Christ. This event could be a massive terrorist attack or even - some believe - a staged attack from UFOs that will create an unparalleled sense of terror in the world's population. Whichever it is, it will be orchestrated by the so-called Illimunati, a secret group of elite people who have been controlling society for a long time.

These conspiracy theorists say that 9/11 was a staged attack by this global elite, and only a pre-cursor of what is to come. They say that we were pre-programmed to believe in its inevitability on a subconscious level. Likewise, they say that the same techniques have been used to herd us toward massive financial meltdown as well as the partial destruction of London. All of this is being orchestrated for us to be susceptible to the authority of a World Leader and a one world government. Welcome to the New World Order!

What I'm talking about, is basically the return of Satan, and the rise of the false prophets.

Crazy stuff? Certainly. Believable? Maybe - or maybe not!

Leaders create a cause and a need

One of the key elements to leadership, is to create the need for a particular kind of leadership. Remarkable leaders are often remarkably good at engineering conditions that make them look like wonderful saviors, and the person of the moment. In that sense, the key to leadership, is manipulation. Something terrible occurs, enter stage left the Savior.

Or the anti-Christ, the false prophet, or the Devil King.

Whatever the case may be, the information that follows is a highly abbreviated version of the main features. Because the volume of material is huge, the information is highly compacted, and fellow hubbers just need to search youtube with 'olympic 2012 conspiracy' as the keywords to find plenty of food for thought.

In a nutshell:

  • a leader will rise to provide an immediate answer to a fearful world populace
  • this has been engineered by occultists, sometimes known as the Illuminati
  • they wish to engineer conflict and disaster as a means of reducing world population
  • London will be the location for a strange 'New Jerusalem', or Zion
  • rather than work with a 'New Earth' fully, they wish to twist things to their own purpose

That's pretty heavy!

The evidence

Before looking at small pieces of the puzzle, it's worth remembering one thing: a lot of the information relayed here fails to take into account one important thing. That is, we live in a world of symbols and symbolism, and what might look like a real concrete thing (person or event), might in fact be representative or symbolic of a change of circumstance in society, rather than an actual event itself.

People from all walks of life have amassed evidence to suggest that the 2012 Olympics is a pivotal turning point in world ascension/descent and that London (which is the center of the modern world - runs world time GMT, and is perfectly placed geographically to deal on the Foreign Exchange Markets across the globe) is the place for it.

The main pieces of evidence are:

  • numerological understanding
  • astrological understanding
  • The logo
  • The mascots
  • the Olympic stadium location
  • the insane level of security


The study of numerology is a little fringe and out of the ordinary. It says that all numbers - in fact all symbols but in this study especially numbers - relate directly to certain energies and conditions.

In terms of the 2012 Olympics, it has been observed that these are the 30th Olympics, known in Roman numerals as XXX. The X is often known as Xi, or Chi, meaning the essential spirit force of the universe. However, various configurations of this force can be good or bad, or mean various things.

If we take X as the 24th letter of the English alphabet, and add the two numbers (something numerologists do to get to the essential energy of a number), we get 2+4 = 6. Hence, XXX could mean 666, the number of the Beast.

It has also been noted that the presence of X in its various forms, more often than not is connoted with fairly restricting things. Hence, 666, or XXX, would denote something that enslaves and imprisons.

For more information on the meaning of the Olympic numbers:

  • check out the PDF by Rik Clay (entitled Check the Evidence), who was one of the guys who researched this area in depth. Some of the content is fairly whacky, so it's worth keeping a level head and ever critical eye!
  • look at this site which also analyses the meaning of the numbers - again, a skeptical eye is useful.


Many people dismiss astrology from the start, usually focusing on predictive or Sun sign pop astrology (and thinking that this is all there is to astrology).


Physics tells us that gravity is the least powerful and least understood of all the forces - and yet, also one with the furthest reaches. How is this possible? We can pick a brick up, which is incredible considering the mass of the Earth, and the moon - which is considerably smaller than the earth - affects the Earth's tilt. Likewise, the Sun, and even the planets, have a gravitational effect on the Earth. Obviously the Sun's is significant, and we stay in orbit around the Sun due to its gravity, but we're also affected by gravitational 'waves' (a conjecture in physics) from the planets. Hence, the Earth is pulled around by the Sun and the Moon (both which help create the tides) and is also subtly influenced by the planets and even distant suns.

The art of astrology is simply observing what happened when certain aspects between planets occurred in the past and extrapolating from there. At high tide, when the Moon is pulling hard on the Earth's surface, the waters of the Earth bulge - in much the same way that the water in our body (and we're mostly made of water) is drawn. Hence, possibly, the term 'lunatic' (Luna = moon in Latin). More importantly, at neap tides (seasonal high tides), the Sun and the Moon combine in gravitational pull

This digression is simply to show that there is a case for astrology. Astrologists are generally unanimously agreed that the years 2012-2014 present an extremely unusual set of circumstances.

In fact, of significance to this whole 2012 theory, is that the winter-solstice Sun crosses the center of the Milky Way somewhere between 1980 and 2016. The theory is that when this alignment occurs, just as the moon and the sun contrive to produce extremely high tides, we'll be experiencing some kind of force from the galactic center (some people say our home!), in unison with the Sun. This is because, the reach of gravity is exceptional and the sun too is affected by the sheer mass of stars near the galactic center. Crazy stuff!

Some interesting astrology resources on 2012:


The Olympic 2012 Logo

Many people have said that the logo looks really bad and there was a huge outcry over it. Also, it spells zion rather too easily, the letter 'i' is even included for convenience, suggesting that some kind of elite society is pushing some agenda we don't fully understand (so conspiracy theorists tell us). It's worth saying that the average Jew is not a Zionist - anybody can be a Zionist, it's just a name given to people who are part of this clique.

Here is the logo and how it can be re-arranged.

However, digging deeper, it looks like that this isn't the whole story. According to certain people, the logo is actually a symbol containing other symbols hiding within it, that can be found by rotating the logo and overlaying the images. And that, in fact, the logo is actually a warning of what is to come!

Here is an example. A lot more work on it has been done by phigment on wordpress where you can read more on the interpetations and so on.

Apparently this image contains a huge amount of occult data hidden within it - all inside the 2012 logo!
Apparently this image contains a huge amount of occult data hidden within it - all inside the 2012 logo! | Source
Another image apparently inside the 2012 Olympic logo!
Another image apparently inside the 2012 Olympic logo! | Source

In brief, there's an eye shape across this picture. It's meant to be the Eye of the Illuminati, as seen on an American dollar bill. However, there's meant to be tons of meaning encoded in this picture.

There are various crosses, and even a face. Could this be the face of the Devil? Or a fallen angel such as Lucifer or Beelzebub? And why does it have a crown on its head?

Perhaps this is representative that this devil will be crowned as King - hence the name of this hub. This is all quite strange, admittedly, but forms part of the conspiracy theory information and it does seem weird that these images can be found in the 2012 logo by simply overlaying the images.

The mascots

The mascots only have one eye each. Again this is meant to be the single eye of the Illuminati. Strangely, these mascots were designed by Iris productions. There's two of them, which is meant to be significant, as they both represent a 1, and together form 11. Apparently, the number 11 is highly relevant to anything of great importance - again, check out the links in the numerology section above.

The Olympic stadium and its location

Apparently the location of the Olympic stadium is on old railway and industrial wasteland that has been kept back for many years. Despite all of the pressure to build new houses, this land in Leytonstone in London has never been built on. Why is this people wonder?

Apparently the roads surrounding the Olympic park all have names that are highly significant, such East Cross Route (actually the A12 orA'20'12 = i.e. 2012, which is very strange indeed) : ref. "The Eastern Cross", which is significant to hidden masonic orders and a whole lot more. Again, this info can be found in the PDF mentioned by Rik Clay, called Check the Evidence.

The structure of the stadium itself has also been under scrutiny. The pyramid shaped lights point once again to the Illuminati, and the pyramid with the eye in it, on the dollar bill.

The level of security

One of my hubs on the subject mentions the insane level of security set in place, that suggests intelligence services are distinctly worried about something - something that needs surface to air missile emplacements around London. If this seems unbelievable, this news item on the BBC News website tells the story of local people protesting about the gun emplacements:

Residents march over 'mad' missile plan.

This doesn't mean that there's some outlandish plot afoot, but the security forces are definitely behaving as if there is.

Is there any truth in all of this?

This hub can't do justice to the amount of information out on the web on this (strange) subject. How credible is any of it?

Are the 2012 Olympics really going to be the stage for some world defining event, and the establishment of a New Jerusalem, headed by some global elite?

Or is this whole subject one big red herring?

What do you think?

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    • Electro-Denizen profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wales, UK

      Thanks for visiting diyo - not sure it's really about the End Times, just sort of Changing Times really, though I guess many people would consider it the End Times, or at least Culmination Times!

      Interesting to hear your view on hosting the Olympics, refreshing. I'm kind of bored of it, especially as my favourite athlete Patrick Makau isn't running the marathon this year!

    • Electro-Denizen profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wales, UK

      Thanks Parks M. It's a big subject. At one point I nearly gave up trying to write an abbreviated version of such a big subject as it threatened to vanish into a puff of smoke.

    • Parks McCants profile image

      Parks McCants 

      6 years ago from Eugene Oregon U.S.A.

      This is one hell of a thought provoking article. I congratulate you on the diligence displayed here as to the research required in posting this well written article.

      Much to think about. Voted up...


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