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The Rod – A Necessary Crappie Fishing Equipment

Updated on August 11, 2010

The Rod – A Necessary Crappie Fishing Equipment

As you might have already heard, crappie fishing equipment does not have to be expensive. This is because we are talking about one fish that is really easy to catch. The only difficult part that you will need to solve is looking for school banks even if with enough practice and time you will also find this easy in the end. As you definitely know, one really important fishing equipment part is the sometimes forgotten rod. There are many good rods for crappie fishing that can be used. The good news is that most are definitely cheap. Even if you will find them to be quite expensive in some shops, if you look around you are to see that there are many places where they are extremelly cheap. Here are the best crappie fishing equipment rods you should think about.

One of the cheapest possible rods that are actually good is the $10 bamboo rod. This type of rods is tangle free no matter the environment. Even if you might end up thinking that this is a rod that is just for beginner use this is false. These are even used by experts because of the strength and flexibility offered, a good recipe for crappie fishing. We should also discuss the sometimes forgotten telescoping crappie fishing rods. These cost less than 30 dollars. You are to mainly use such a rod in the event that you have to deal with thick brushes. Even if you are faced with really difficult fishing conditions you will love the fact that a combination of both rods will immediately mean that you will have no real fishing problems. If you can invest more you can always consider the graphite rods. You can easily purchase one of these rods for around 50 dollars. You will see that they are really good for fishing crappie thanks to the flexible tip that is to sense the smallest bites possible. We are faced with rods that are both strong and flexible at the same time and will really catch crappie easily.

The best possible crappie fishing equipment rod has to be the popular graphite rod. This is because they are really good for using a jigging action, do not weigh much and are flexible enough to not hurt the fish. If you feel that such an investment is too much for you then you can easily go for one or both of the other rods mentioned. You will still have good results. If there is crappie around we are sure that you are going to catch it easily with these rods.


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    • profile image

      Michael E. Horton 7 years ago

      I love crappie fishing. I have better luck at night.