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The Roots of Parkour-Free Running-Learn Amazing Athletic Feats-Keep Fit Flexible and Stay Alive

Updated on May 27, 2012

Crash Course in Parkour-Stunts-Watch this Crazy Video

By Dale Ovenstone 2012

"Parkour," you may ask? What's it all about?

Human expression, being fluid, aerobically gymnastic, a highly courageous active personal form of freedom & self expression where exceptional fitness, invigorating stamina is required, built up over time & practice, strong willed & powerful emotionally, bold like a lion rock solid courage becoming energetic, speed & momentum favours boredom replenishing mind, body, limbs, muscle & sinews encouraging nitric oxide pumping wildly throughout your body.

Thrilling & exciting!

Parkour quickens thinking times coupled with lightning response at the drop of a pin, no hesitation, no time for mistakes, deal with the situation once arisen & continue to flow onwards, no barriers no limits, now incorporated into military training across the globe, a social sporting activity uniting like minded people together, but not for competition, creating an energetic invigorating pastime for practitioners of all shapes & sizes both male & female, an exclusive & exciting hobby, & certainly, the roots of Parkour were developed as a powerful form of capture & escapism!

Survival of the fittest!

To the practitioner of Parkour, there are no limits, the world is your oyster, you are the master, your only limits are what you set, but there are plateaus, there must be plateaus for you to grow, you the practitioner, must rise above them each & every one & constantly exceed your personal level. By doing so, your self confidence grows, so does your leadership skills, & your self esteem, you overcome obstacles you once thought were impossible, barriers are shattered & walls are broken down, you become one with your environment & nothing else seems to stop you now as strength & freedom surges through your veins, your adrenaline pumps, you become a master of your environment, the king of your universe!

You are your own ruler!

Your terrain is your playground, where ever that could be, all around you, all that you need is there, right in front of you, for all to see, but beware, adapt for the hidden terrain around the next corner, one thought though, you must be fit, you must be agile, you must be flexible, you must be willing & you must certainly be prepared to make mistakes along the way, but stay focused, tunnel vision, whilst, aware of your surroundings, totally, stay safe, be one together with your environment, man or woman & terrain, one with nature your body is your tool all that you need, hone it's capabilities, nurture them, your fluid flexible strength & capabilities you are born with.

You become a splendid human animal!

Free-running & Parkour, not the same, both are various free forms of the use of your body mechanics & of your surrounding terrain to move onwards, to briskly go forwards, sprightly, quickly, flowing, over obstacles, around barriers, through & under situations that stand in your way, now it is up to you, & you alone.

Freestyle it all the way!

Nothing stands in your way now!

Want more?

Watch the Video below!

Want even more? Take it, you, are your only barrier!

Let us know. Let us grow!

Regards Dale Ovenstone

Practice Parkour! Watch This Video


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    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 5 years ago from Wales UK

      Thanks for your comment Richawriter & about getting into Parkour, the only barrier lol.

      About the writing style, I do like to have a play around with words it is so inspiring.

      Have a good day

      Regards Dale

    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 5 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Hey there Dale!

      It's a scary thing, that parkour. Scary but impressive. I for one don't think I could ever get into it although I do love a bit of calisthenics!

      You also have an interesting writing style, if you don't mind me saying so. Somewhat refreshing. I also have very long sentences, I think because full-stops and I don't quite see eye-to-eye. Full stops don't allow me to say all I wish to say. Maybe you feel the same.

      Take care mate.

      Interesting hub and voted up!