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The Ruin of the Raiders Empire.

Updated on December 20, 2012

The death of great Nation.

The end of a great nation.
The end of a great nation. | Source


The Oakland Raiders or Los Angeles Raiders, however you want to call them are no more. Al Davis has all by himself ruin and devastated this once great organization. Once loved by billions of fans and now are hatted by those same billions of fans. The Raiders even had their own club call the "RAIDER NATION". The Raider Nation, invested there time and lives, work and family on the line just to see a game. They would follow the Raiders to the end of the Earth. That not the case now a day, thanks to the owner Al Davis.

The Raiders once represented the sport of Football, if there was anything that had to do with Football, one way or another the Raiders name was always thrown into the mix just because it was the Raiders. Respected and Loved, that's what the team and name commanded.

If recall correctly the Raiders had a quote "COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE". That's an impressive quote "commitment to excellence" now a-days, that phrase has died and the same thing can happened to the Raiders if Al Davis does not let go and bring in some new knowledgeable oriented people in to handle the Nation's business.

The great Raider Nation is no more. Al Davis needs to let-up and let someone else to take over the day-to-day operations of this great Name and Organization, within time, the "RAIDERS" name, Logos and everything that it stood for will be lost.


I have been a loyal follower and fan to the Raiders. I have even made bets, in where I lost close to $5000.00 and still I stood firm on my loyalty. I would get very excited when the game was going in our favor, the players were playing in one unit . And then all of a sudden the morality of the players and game started going down the tube, that would get very upset. What are we to do? The only thing to do is just walk away, because our shouts for support and cheering for the team have not been heard by Mr. Al Davis.   

Fight for the extra inch, by Al Davis!

Monday Night NFL


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