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The Secret to Catching More Fish

Updated on January 8, 2011

Grandpas Secret That Out Fished Us All

My grandfather started taking us fishing as soon as we could hold a pole. I grew up in the Midwest and spent summers and many holidays with my grandparents. Sometimes I was sent there for punishment. My grandmother was a school teacher for many years from back in the day where the ruler and switch was an acceptable tool in the teaching profession. She was not afraid to use either of them and I would guess at that time, she probably took her switch to half of the district that we lived in. She was a teacher for over 30 years. So if I was acting up to much my mom would send me to my grandparents home in the country to work.

Grandma never used the switch on us to much it was mostly there as an intimadator after you had it once or twice ;-) They made us work hard splitting and hauling wood. Mostly Oak. We helped in the garden pulling weeds until our hands blistered. We didn't have much choice. Our days started around 4-5 am and by about 10 am I was pretty much exhausted. When you are 7-8 years old and put to work all day you start to learn things about life fast. Because if you do not you will be stuck here most of your childhood working your ass off!

But as always there was a silver lining, I was able to realize that I didn't have to be bad to come over to my grandparents and work in the garden. When it was punishment it sucked. But when you did it just to be with grandpa it was heaven. I knew if we worked hard that Grandpa would sneak off and take me fishing. One of those Shhh don't tell grandma sort of things. Telling you about this makes me feel old because it was over 40 years ago.

Certainly my grandfather knew the river that we fished very well every snag every hole with in his area. He always caught more fish than we did. it didn't matter what or where we were fishing. It didn't matter if you used the same bait and let grandpa put the worm on the hook for you. He is still going to catch more fish than you.

My grandfather was not a school educated man. But he read more books than most people who claim to be educated. He had am inner wisdom that drove him. He was happy and content so it was pretty easy for me to adapt his attitude to my life.

His fishing secret as told to all of the grand children was its all how you hold your mouth. The translation being (Its all about your attitude in life) If you start something with a positive attitude the out come may be to more of your liking.

I also learned that being detached from the out come of an activity will allow you to focus more on having fun. You might not catch the most or biggest fish, but you will be the guy who had the best time.

Do I catch more fish than my cousins when I go home to visit. Last time I was back for walleye season I had my limit every morning before 9am and was eating Walleye for breakfast ;-)


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  • profile image

    Marcella Glenn 

    8 years ago from PA

    Thumbs-up on this up.


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