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Pro Wrestling Evolution

Updated on July 13, 2011

Check Out the Next EVO Event!

Can't wait for this event!
Can't wait for this event! | Source

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And Fantasy Fight Wrestling


Welcome to the Pro Wrestling Evolution Hub

Have you heard about Pro Wrestling Evolution? I discovered Evo at a Ring of Honor event, just before Evo's first live event "Evolution 8". Since that time I've become a dedicated Evo fan, and have had the chance to meet, interview and even work with these amazing athletes.

Words can't describe how good this new pro wrestling federation is. It seems that the further you go into the underground, local scene, the better the action gets. The wrestlers of Pro Wrestling Evolution constantly blow my mind. I've seen WWF, WWE, WCW and ROH live, yet none of those pro federations have put on a show as intimate and action packed as Evolution.

Jake "The Manscout" Manning, Logan East, Marcellus King the "M.A.K.", Patrick Wright, "The Icon" Joey Silvia, Cale Crosby, "The Queen City Killer" Zack Salvation, and new EVO champion Cedric Alexander are among the most impressive athletes working in wrestling that I have ever seen perform live. Additional wrestlers Caleb Konley, Chiva, and Trevor Lee have added to the roster of excellent talent that Evolution began with at "Evolution 8".

Pro Wrestling EVO is my new favorite in professional Wrestling. I advise you to check them out. If you live in North Carolina, look for dates for EVO events coming soon. Wrestling has never had more-in-your-face, crowd-pleasing action.

Don't take my word for it. Check out the videos and links below and you too will be impressed by the moves of the athletes in the ring, and the skills of this organization behind the camera and on the web. Support this up and coming organization, so that Pro Wrestling Evolution will be here to stay.

EVO adds some MMA flavor to live wrestling, an underground, "Fight Club" feeling that is very satisfying to old school wrestling fans and newcomers alike. Currently in its infancy, EVO makes fans feel like they are part of the show, because they are. The action lands right in your lap, so keep your eyes on the ring.


This hub is brought to you by Capristo Studios

Capristo Studios Website is Coming Soon.
Capristo Studios Website is Coming Soon. | Source

First Event, Jan. 22, 2011: Evolution Eight

The Man Scout with his ever present rule book.
The Man Scout with his ever present rule book. | Source

You don't know, Jake.

Jake berates the crowd.
Jake berates the crowd. | Source

Man Down!

Manning has serious skills in the ring, but doesn't hog the spotlight from the younger talents.
Manning has serious skills in the ring, but doesn't hog the spotlight from the younger talents. | Source

No Easy Challenge.

Manning and Alexander's opening match set the tone for the whole event; speed, talent, and high flying moves.
Manning and Alexander's opening match set the tone for the whole event; speed, talent, and high flying moves. | Source

The"Man Scout", Jake Manning

I'll start by saying that EVO hooked me right away from the first match when the heel of the match came out cutting a promo. Allow me to gush for just a minute about how much I love Jake "The Man Scout" Manning. What an awesomely novel idea for a heel.

The Man Scout is a stickler for the rules. He came to ringside with his rulebook in hand and made sure to argue calls and counts with the referee. For sure, Manning is a cheater and not above low blows or foreign objects when the ref can't see it, but he never misses an opportunity to whine about the rule book when it might work in his favor. Man Scout was a serious tool. He was arrogant and insulting to the crowd; after he was eliminated in the second round of matches, he came out into the crowd and demanded a fan's seat so that he could watch the finals since "he was unjustly denied a title shot".

In addition to his off beat heel persona, Manning is a talented wrestler. He was quick and hit all his spots cleanly and fast. He looked really good in his match with Cedric Alexander, allowing Cedric to shine and not hogging the match to fill the spotlight. During the title bout Manning ran in to illegally attack Alexander again, aiding Zack Salvation's attempt at taking the title. Alexander was able to turn the tide, leaving Manning hanging by his feet from the ring apron in a tree of woe for over ten minutes. Manning stayed laid out until the end of the match, hanging upside-down, a challenging physical feat.

Behind the scenes the wrestlers and production personnel speak of Jake Manning in hushed tones, reflecting his experience and professionalism. I've been told by EVO insiders, "Don't screw around with Jake. He has his own way of doing things, and he's right. He knows what he's doing". I haven't approached Manning for his take on wrestling with Evolution, he is always moving with purpose before and after the show, with an experienced stride that suggests you shouldn't bother him with trivial questions.

Speaking on my own behalf, I'll be looking forward to more performances from Jake Manning, he impressed the hell out of me at the "Evolution 8" event and again at Pro Wrestling EVO's second event, "Life as We Know It", where he turned in a solid performance. Look for pictures and coverage of the "LAWKI" event coming soon.


The Gentleman Giant

Meet Marcellus King

Marcellus King struck a chord with me when he came out to wrestle. A tank of a man, King approaches ringside in a street gangster attire, masked and wearing a hoodie, to hide his freight engine build until it is too late for his opponents to run away. He's not the hugest guy I've ever seen, but he certainly has that indestructible quality of Mr. T, or any character T ever played.

Marcellus King's stone giant quality isn't fake, either. At Evolution 8, King charged Cedric Alexander and blasted them both through the ropes into the second row. For a moment, I was certain that he had paralyzed a lady in the audience. I also thought he might be injured himself, since he cushioned his landing on the concrete with a combination of steel folding chairs and Cedric's head. In an almost fatal move, Cedric got distracted by the twisted bodies and the half dead looking lady; when King got back to his feet and shook it off, he brought Cedric right back to the ring for more ass beating and torture. The only reasons Cedric came away with the win are the multitude of ways he can smash the laces of his boot across your head while you're standing, and he can flat out take punishment.

Marcellus King is a gentleman giant; he told me that, "Marcellus King looks like a gangster but isn't". He's a friendly guy who loves his family, but make no mistake about it; he gets paid to hurt people. He likes his job a lot. King comes to the event to win. He will do whatever it takes to mess you up. He will fish hook you. He'll go for your nostrils. He'll use your body to remodel steel chairs. It's not personal; it's business.

Recently at the "Life As We Know It" event, King sent an entire section of fans running from their seats when he commanded them to "get the hell out of [his] way" right before he bashed the section of seats apart using Joey Silvia as a club. King is not faking the beast, or the manners. I can't wait to see more of Marcellus King against a variety of opponents.

In addition to our coverage of Pro Wrestling Evolution on this hub, we're excitedly anticipating the creation of a set of accurate computer models of the wrestlers from EVO for Fire Pro Wrestling so that these talented new faces in professional wrestling can compete with the greatest real and fictional fighters of all time, at Fantasy Fight Wrestling.


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