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The Slam Dunk Contest Was On Sunday

Updated on January 18, 2013

I told someone yesterday afternoon I was going to watch the all star game and take notes and write an article about it. Now I knew it was going to be excruciatingly painful to watch but given I haven't seen one of those in 15 or more years I had no idea just how bad things had gotten. There were 41 dunks in what I won't even think to call a game. Let's call it what it really was; a slam dunk contest. A continual unobstructed parade of clowns to the basket is exactly that. The most sympathy for the fiasco should go to Bill Russell who sat in the front row. The man was notorious for defending the rim and not letting any opposing player get anything easy. But yet he had to sit there and watch absolutey no one protect the basket, with one exception. I will give Dwayne Wade credit for actually stopping Kobe Bryant with a foul in the second half.

The most amusing line of the night was from Lebron James who they had miked. In the first quarter you can hear him say to his teammates "Come on get a stop man". No one on Lebron's side had any intention of getting a stop in the first half. The West put up an incomprehensible 88 points in that half. Now you would figure that would absolutely have to break the record but Marv Albert tells us that the East in some previous year had actually scored more than that. Officials are really only optional at the slam dunk contest. Eight fouls were called in the first half. The coaches too were mere formalities. At one point in the first quarter Tom Thibodeau was on camera with a look that surely had him contemplating whether or not to lose some games intentionally next season in the first half so that he wouldn't get stuck with this job again.

Steve Kerr, who was also calling the game, said about the look "All you can do is shake your head and laugh". No i have a better suggestion. Why don't we completely eliminate all clown weekend and just let fans enjoy the slam dunk contests that happen nightly around the NBA at pre game warm ups. Of course that would also take away the halftime show which would be an added bonus since the headlining performer was Pitbull. And what would this dunk contest be without Marv, Steve, and Reggie Miller going on and on about who the most valuable clown should be. The only thing this "award" shows is that the winner cared more about getting their free dunks than anybody else. Kevin Durant was selected and he had this to say after the game. "It was fun. That's the type of All Star Game you want to see". No Kevin it was neither fun nor a game. It was a reason to take millions of dollars from all the people who spent the last 3 days in Orlando.

Obvious travel Kobe commits before breakaway dunk


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