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The "Slow Death Hook" | The Next Big Thing, For Big Walleye!

Updated on July 3, 2012
Mustad Slow Death Hook
Mustad Slow Death Hook

An Incredible Asset To A Walleye Anglers Tackle Box

The “Slow Death Hook” by Mustad is an incredible asset to any walleye angler’s tackle box. The hook is simple in design – a bent aberdine hook – that creates a very unique corkscrew action, that drives walleyes wild. The hook has a kinked shank, that when trolled, creates a slow turning or action, which is unlike anything fish have seen in the water before. In this day in age, the fishing industry makes it hard to get excited about new products, because… well, there is very little to get excited about. This however is a product that seems to intrigue walleye anglers across the country.

Unique Corkscrewing Action
Unique Corkscrewing Action

Easy To Fish - Anyone Can Do It!

The rig is extremely easy to fish – anyone can do it. Simply thread a nightcrawler, soft plastic, or even a Berkley gulp product over the hook, and slow troll your favorite walleye fishery. The action alone is enough to drive fish wild – add livebait or your favorite lure – and you’ve got a deadly combination. The secret is going s-l-o-w, as trolling or drifting fast will take away from the natural action the hook creates. I personally like to add a small Colorado blade 2 to 3 inches ahead of the hook, just enough distance to add a little flash to the presentation without detracting from that corkscrewing action.

Small, Strong, & Sharp!

Despite its small size, the non-tempered forging process in which it’s created makes it 30% stronger than conventional tempering methods. It’s also sharper…. The point length is designed to be 4.3 times the wire diameter of the hook, meaning better sharpness, strength, and hook-up rates.


In the brief time I've been able to fool around with the "slow death" presentation, I've been hugely successful. If I'm not catching large walleyes, I'm catching fish in numbers. There is a time and place for any lure or presentation, but I've yet to find a circumstance in which this presentation didn't produce fish.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      looks like it would be a good hook. I always have a problem with my line twisting and casusing snarls. I guess you need to make sure you have a swivel.