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The Story of Two Different 31 Seconds.

Updated on January 17, 2013

In the NFL Divisional Playoff weekend, there were two blow out games and then there were two too close to call games that had deciding factors at 31 seconds left. The first game was the Denver Broncos versus the Baltimore Ravens. After the infamous 70 yard pass that seemed to outreach all of the Broncos defensive back to tie the game in with 31 seconds left in the game. This game could have been won by the Broncos, who had 3 timeouts and 31 seconds left with a future Hall of Famer quarterback at the helm. However, Coach John Fox and Quarterback Peyton Manning decided to kneel the ball and go into overtime. The common sense in my football advocates is go for the win. With three timeouts, Denver could have marched down the field to get within field goal range and sealed the deal. After the end of regulation, the true fight of the grid iron came down to two overtimes and the Ravens kicking a field goal to win the game.

The second game that had a 31 second appearance was the Falcons versus the Seahawks. The Seattle Seahawks just scored the go ahead point to give them the lead 28-27 and had 31 seconds left on the clock. Atlanta had two timeouts and got the ball back at the Atlanta 28. Instead of sulking in defeat, Matt Ryan and company decided to go for the win. The first pass was to Harry Douglas to get Atlant to the 50 yard line. Then the first timeout was called. The second pass was to Tony Gonzalez to take Atlanta to the Seattle 31 yard line. Then Pete Carroll decides to ice the kicker Matt Bryant by taking a timeout. Then it came down to Matt Bryant and to see if he could propel Atlanta with a 49 yard field goal. The kick and was good, the Atlanta fans and players began to celebrate as Atlanta had regained the lead 30-28 and with 8 seconds left. Then 8 seconds later, the game was over as Russell Wilson through a pass that was intercepted by Atlanta's Julio Jones.

So with the difference between these two games, Denver went home sulking in defeat and Atlanta lived to play another day. The fact were that John Fox had poor clock management and played too conservative, which cost him the game. With Peyton Manning at the helm, he should have at least took a shot to win the game. Mike Smith and the Atlanta Falcons went for the victory after losing a 20 point lead. Matt "Matty Ice" Ryan took his team down the field and effectively used his timeouts to win the game. And that ladies and gentlemen is the story of two different 31 seconds.


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    • profile image

      mts1098 5 years ago

      Amazing...I watched both of these games and could not believe the outcome...thanks for the recap...cheers