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The Super Bowl: Researchers Study Actual Play Time

Updated on January 16, 2010

Hey, this was shocking and remains almost unbelievable, yet studies show it is. This research may actually apply to any football game.

If you are one of those seeking to go to the famed Super Bowl this year, you will spend mega bucks to get in--actually you will pay at least $1500 for a ticket on Ebay or other scalper. At face value, they are worth between $500-1000. If you drive, parking will be an extra $125!!!! The cheapest tickers are running around $1500 and go up to $4500! For $72,000, your group of eight can watch the game in a private suite with free food!

OK, let's say you are a rich dude that actually considers spending this kind of money as a worthwhile thing. Here is what you will get from the actual game: 

11 minutes are actual playing time, 67 minutes of players standing around, 17 minutes of replays, several seconds of cheerleaders, 60 min. of commercials.

The stats are from a result of studying four recent games from different researchers that collaborate the findings. The amount of actual play time was 10-16% of the time the game broad-casted, usually 2-3 hours.

Pretty shocking yet totally believeable.


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