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The Swiss Army Knife of Fishing Rods

Updated on May 8, 2016

Welcome to my first Hubpage in a series that i intent to publish covering creative and innovative designer products using crowdfunding platform to bring them to life. Below are 5 simple lenses i have developed in order to view the projects.

  1. The Idea
  2. Features
  3. Price
  4. Do i need it?
  5. Will it change my life or world?

This Hub and the ones after it will be a learning experiences and i welcome feedback and comments on my reviews. Now please join me in exploring both the amazing designer products and creative idea that are appearing on crowdfunding platforms today.

The Project

Originally launched in November in 2015 and now in its InDemand stage of a Indiegogo campaign, The Compact Fishing Systems or "The Swiss Army Knife of Fishing Rods" caught my attention recently, pardon the pun. Having just written a Hub on Abu Garcia Fishing Reels and being a fishing enthusiast myself, It was fitting The Swiss Army Knife of Fishing rod campaign be the first of my Crowdfunding Hubpage reviews.

Designed by Hungarian Designer Szabolics Nemeth, The Swiss Army Knife of Fishing Rods is a compact and light weight modular fishing rod designer for easy storage and traveling. The Compact Fishing System weights in at between 220-240 gram and has a storage length of 25 cm or 10 inches.

The design is unique in that it uses a spring style tip pole, which is interchangeable depending on the weight of the fish you intend to target. That is a heavy strong spring for potentially heavier fighting fish verses a light spring for smaller species.

The unit is designed in separate modules, spring-poles, reel seat, trigger and grip to suit fishing styles and reel types. For example in a lower position for spinner reels and upper position for overhead Baitcast reels. An additional feature for the Baitcast upper position is the option of a removable trigger.

The Compact Fishing System is made from durable light weight and weather resistance materials, Stainless steel Spring Sensor Poles, an aluminium Reel Seat and trigger, with a waxed oak grip. Full length of the unit once assemble is 60 cm or 24 inches.

Click here to visit The Swiss Army knife of fishing rods on Indiegogo

The Wormy Compact Modular Fishing Rod
The Wormy Compact Modular Fishing Rod

1 - The Idea

The concept is to design a small compact and durable fishing rod for traveling. The Compact Fishing System has interchangeable parts both for its sensor poles and grip handle to suit both spinner reel and baitcast reel mounting. The uniqueness of the design lies with the use of a coil design of the sensor poles.

2 - Features of the Compact Fishing Systerm

The Compact Fishing System has a number of features since it was designed to be modular in nature. From its light weight and durable materials of construction for each modular part, from example a removable trigger to the interchangeable oak grip handles. However what makes the unit unique in comparison to conventional fishing rods is the novel spring sensor poles.

The spring sensor poles are made of stainless steel for durability, short in length at 36 cm or 14.2 inches. The Compact Fishing System has available a range of interchangeable spring poles designed to suit different fishing needs based on the size of fish you intend to fish for. From light to heavy with each pole differentiated by the number of coils in the spring and diameter of the material.

The concept of the coil poles is rather elegant but has a design flaw as mentioned by the designer in the rods use since a rubber band is required for the pole to function, it was not clear what the purpose of the rubber band was for, although it was stated the rubber band was not essential for function.

Another feature i have concerns with too, which is not actually a feature is the lenght of the sensor poles, and how well you would be able to control a fish when landing it but i guess for most situations may not be an issue.

The Compact Fishing System Assemby

The price point

Pricing is a very important factor for an Indiegogo campaign and market positions in general as well, and with a starting price of 179 EUD (~$200 USD) although novel is rather expensive considering conventional traveling rods be it 4 piece rod set or telescope rods start from $30 to $100 USD averaging $40-50 USD from amazon.

Admittedly this unit is smaller in size, and made of more durable materials and even factoring in the Indiegogo discount, Pricing is targeted towards niche consumers, who may or may not be an enthusiast.

The packages for the campaign are listed below, with early birds packages omitted. Of the options on Indiegogo the package with most value for money is the Mega Pack and includes all components and options for the campaign.

The Compact Fishing System based on price and function may not have wide market appeal, However it will appeal to a select few in the market for new design fishing gear.

Indiegogo Perk Summary

Nano Pack
Nano Handle, Reel Seat, 6-arcs Nano Short SensorPole, Free Rod Bag
179 EUD
Spin Pack
Spinning Handle, Reel Seat, 8-arcs MEDIUM PowerPole, Free Rod Bag
189 EUD
Cast Pack
Casting Handle, Reel Seat, 8-arcs MEDIUM PowerPole, Free Rod Bag
199 EUD
Mega Pack
Everything in the CAST Pack, SPIN Pack and NANO Pack, Reel Seat, Trigger, 3 x Handle, 6 x Spring Pole, Free Bag & Cap
399 EUD

Would you buy this unconventionally designed fishing rod?

See results

4 - Do I Need the Compact Fishing System?

I've found the Compact Fishing System an interesting idea, and i do like the looks of the design. But in terms of practicality and functions it may not stand up to other conventional fishing rods on the market certainly based on price at this point compared to mass produced fishing rods.

The unit being some what fitting in between a hand line and a fully functional rod may not convince customers to try such a design, especially considering the weakness of requiring a rubber band to aid its function.

I would also add due to the shortness of the poles depending on the size of a fish you are landing, i am concerned of how well it will help in controlling fish close to shore.

In short, I do not need the Compact Fishing System, however i would be curious and interested to try out the design. it would be a good back up set or fun for kids. But not a fishing rod i would do my main fishing with.

It would be however perfect for keeping in the car or RV camper van in case you just need to wet a line.

5 - Will the Compact Fishing System change the way i fish?

As a fishing enthusiast the Compact Fishing system is a interesting idea and nice concept, certainly worth a try for the experiences and did catch my interest on Indiegogo but it will not replace my conventional rods or travel rods. The added designer options from its modularity and compactness does not provide more benefits then its compromises on function.

The Compact Fishing system will not change the way i'll fish or selection of gear. But then it was never meant too.


The Compact Fishing System, is an interesting idea and a product targeted at a niche consumer. certainly it has done well on Indiegogo and i imagine it will do well again.

However an area where it falls short is in the use of the designer spring-poles which requires the aid of rubber band to function going against its durable and quality design theme. Finally, a name for the unit would help in branding and sales for example "The beast" too.

As a compact travel rod it will serf ice understanding its limitations and is well suited for the purpose it was designed for but may not appeal to the serious fishing enthusiast among us. The Compact Fishing System is a doing well on Indiegogo and i wish the campaign luck.

Click here to visit The Swiss Army knife of fishing rods on Indiegogo

3 stars for The Compact Fishing System

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