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The Thing About Beautiful Cheerleaders Is . . .

Updated on March 20, 2015


Before I get started, I want to say first to you, if you are a high school, college or NFL or MLB cheerleader, I think that you are very special. From the heart. And while there might be some selective pieces of text that you mind find offensive, believe me, it is not intended that way.

Thank you. Kenneth

Time was

Normally, if you are one of my cherished-followers/friends, you will click on one of my hubs and read two or three introductive paragraphs then the "meat" of the story. Not this time. Why? It is certainly not because I do not want to write. It is simply a matter of respect toward you, my follower. You have a life to live. A job and a fine family, so spend the time you would be reading an introduction with your family because memories only happen once. Right?

University of Alabama cheerleaders

Brittney, Dallas Cowboys
Brittney, Dallas Cowboys
Lindsey, Seattle Seahawks
Lindsey, Seattle Seahawks
Brita, Seattle Seahawks
Brita, Seattle Seahawks
Oklahoma State Cheerleaders
Oklahoma State Cheerleaders
Maigan, Washington Redskins
Maigan, Washington Redskins
Nichole, Miami Dolphins
Nichole, Miami Dolphins

The title of today's explosive hub is lovingly-titled . . .

The Thing About Beautiful Cheerleaders Is . . .

  • As gorgeous as they are, if you are like me, you are afraid to touch their hair in fear of being scolded.
  • They do not have to do anything to disarm you and make you nervous but bat their beautiful eyelashes at you.
  • They are not pieces of meat that can be treated as such and they deserve a male's respect.
  • They are far from being an "air head," so do not try to talk intelligently when you do not even have a high school diploma.
  • These angels work to see the good in all people, so if you are a male, do not try to run over them.
  • Their beauty is so natural that just the tone of hteir voice can make a male like me shake like a leaf.
  • Actually, these girls do not even have to physically-cheer. They just have to stand and the crowd will go nuts.
  • Speaking from a personal standpoint, if I were to have an argument with a gorgeous cheerleader, all she would have to do is glare at me and wink and bingo! She is a winner.
  • If you are out on a date with a beautiful cheerleader, they have this "power" to just suggest that they would love to be in Connecticut to see the landscapes and you are there in 22 hours since you and her are in Louisiana.'
  • One of these dedicated girls will never ask you, "Do you think I'm pretty?" She already knows she is.
  • One of these precious girls (who most people label as self-centered) is the first to volunteer for a neighborhood coat drive.
  • These girls who give so much of themselves are never given the credit they deserve.
  • The hard-working NFL cheerleaders, I was told, only make about fifty-bucks a game. Talk about being cheated.
  • And as for the college cheerleaders, every guy they meet instantly thinks, "I bet she's easy." Such is the thought of a fool.
  • These girls do not want you to put them on a pedestal.
  • These girls simply want you, the males, to view them as persons. Not livestock.
  • Off the football sidelines, hardly any of these pretty creations intentionally show-off to get someone to whistle at them to feed their ego.
  • They do the cheering and the football teams get all of the applause.
  • is they are the most misunderstood sisterhood of all females who work in the public.
  • No matter is they lived the perfect life, some jerk somewhere would have something ugly to say about them.
  • They are real females. With real female problems and with real female dreams and hopes.
  • Most cheerleaders not only speak in positive terms, but strive to live them.

Note: And again, all cheerleaders of all levels of sports, "I applaud you for your sacrifice, hard work and total-dedication to your craft."

Guys and Girls: Do you agree with my thoughts in this piece?

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