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The Top Five Locations for Gordon Hayward during Free Agency

Updated on July 3, 2017

Gordon Hayward should be considered one of the top small forwards in the league after the 2016-17 NBA season. He had a monstrous season averaging 24.4 points a game , 6.6 rebounds a game and 3.4 assist. He also made his first all star appearance. After a season like this he is bound to be paid one hundred million or more on his max contract. With talent like this on the market, many teams will try to add him to become a title contender next year. But there is truly only five teams that will truly be able to add him. But which team is the right fit for him?

Gordon Hayward shooting over Clippers defender.
Gordon Hayward shooting over Clippers defender. | Source

5. Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards are in prime position to sign a all star this year. One more piece could be what they are missing to get over the hump in the eastern conference. John Wall is coming of a M.V.P caliber season. He did not have much help against the Boston Celtics , but if he had someone like Hayward who can take over a game there is not limit to how far they could go. I am not saying they will have enough fire power to beat Lebron, but they will surely give him a run for his money.

4. Portland Trail Blazers

They already have the most underrated player in the league in Damian Lilard. They also have a sharpshooter and up and coming star in C.J Mccollum. With these two centerpieces of this franchise they already have a bright already. By adding Gordon Hayward that would put them right in the middle of title contention. Not only does Hayward add another scorer to the team , but it also adds a defensive presence that is needed at the small forward position. Teams in the west need to gather as many all stars as possible to be able to compete with the Warriors.

3. Utah Jazz

You would think that Hayward would not want to leave after his most successful year in the league. Why leave when you have the most dominant shot blocker in the league. He also have shooters all around you including a young Rodney Hood. If the Utah Jazz can sign a true point guard or another star to persuade Hayward to sign back and return to the playoffs as a true title contender. Hayward would then have no choice but to step into super stardom. He would have to become a true legend to defeat the warriors with the Utah Jazz.

2. Miami Heat

This is his best chance when it comes to getting paid. Even if the heat add Hayward, this will not put them in the championship hunt. But this will give Hayward the best chance to join an up and coming team with young talent and also get paid heavily. The Heat have the ability to offer Hayward a max contract of 159 million. It will be very hard to pass up the chance to play with a defensive presence like Hassan Whiteside. This team is bound to become great, its on Gordon Hayward to join and make them great right away.


1. Boston Celtics

This is by far his best place for Gordon Hayward to go to win a championship. It almost makes to much since for him to go here. They have a all star point guard in Isiah Thomas and a complete stud at center with Al Hortford. They also have a projected star in Jayson Tatum as well. This team is on the verge of winning a championship and is also set for the future with young talent. If everything goes right, this is a future dynasty. Now it is up to Hayward if he wants to be part of it.

What is the right place for Hayward to land?

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      2 years ago

      good article


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