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The Top Three Sports In The UK!

Updated on November 6, 2009

One of the top three sports in the UK has to be tennis, or as it was originally referred to, lawn tennis.  Though it isn't one of the ultimate sports in the UK, it does have a huge following that culminates in a yearly tournament by the name of Wimbledon that takes place in the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club every year.

Modern tennis originated in the United Kingdom in the later 19th century and it grabbed hold of the upper-class before finally taking its popularity around the world.  The game is played on a court that is split in two by a net.  One player, or team, stands on either side of the net and tries to score points on the opposite team or player by getting the ball past the other player or team, but keeping the ball in bounds.  The winner is typically the player or team that wins the first two or three matches in a set of five games and they must win by two games.

The sport is played, traditionally, by using a racquet, which is used to strike the ball towards the opponent's end of the court.  The racquets can be made of wood, ceramics, graphite, or light weight metals like titanium and are strung through the head with animal gut by tradition, or synthetic strings.  The balls are hollow rubber covered in felt and are a highly visible yellow. 

Though the sport is hugely popular in England, some of the best players are from outside of the country.  You have many current male stars to the game such as Roger Federer and Daniel Nestor, and past greats such as Andre Agassi.  The sport is also hugely popular with females and has produced some of the best players in sports in the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena.  This is also one of the rare sports that encourage players to play in teams of mixed gender.

Field tennis isn't the only form of tennis either.  There is table tennis, sometimes referred to ping-pong, where the game is played on a table that represents a miniaturized version of a full size tennis court, small paddles instead of racquets and a small plastic ball that easily bounces.  Another form of tennis that's referred to one of the ultimate sports of the UK is Turbo Tennis which is like a regular tennis match that is speed up and played over the course of a half an hour.  This game was created by some of the best players in sports when it comes to regular tennis and has started to catch a real following from a younger crowd.

Even though it is one of the top three sports in the UK, tennis is universally know through the world and is enjoyed by people from every culture and background.  The sport keeps growing in popularity through the formal channels as well as people creating new variations on the game and the rules by trying to add fun twists to the traditional ruleset.


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