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The Top Twenty Best Cricket Quotes-The Cricket Commentators

Updated on June 5, 2012

Top Cricket Quotes

Followers of cricket on radio or TV will have their favourite  cricket commentator. John Arlott and Brian Johnston have been favourites on the radio, whilst television has given us Richie Benaud  and more lately David Lloyd.

Top Twenty Cricket Quotes

Bill Frindall has done some mental arithmetic with a calculator. John Arlott.

Boycott, somewhat a creature of habit, likes exactly the sort of food he prefers himself. Don Mosey.

Take all the credit you can for victory,in the sure and certain knowledge that you will be given all the blame in defeat. Richie Benaud

I'm not one to blame anyone, but it was definitely Viv Richards fault. Fred Trueman.

For any budding cricketers listening do you have any superstitious routines before an innings, like putting one pad on first and then the other one ?  Tony Lewis.

A Yorkshire cricketer is one born within the sound of Bill Bowes.Mike Carey.

It's a unique occasion really a- repeat of Melbourne 1978. Jim Laker.

I talk about what I see.A lot of commentators tend to talk about what they are watching rather than what they are thinking.John Arlott.

That was a tremendous six, the ball was still in the air as it went over the boundary.  Fred Trueman.

What do I think of the reverse sweep? It's like Manchester United getting a penalty and Bryan Robson taking it with his head.  David Lloyd

One Day cricket is an exhibition. Test cricket is an examination. Henry Blofeld

Gul has another ball in his hand and bowls to Bell who has two.    Christopher Martin-Jenkins

Lillee bowled seven overs, no maidens, no wickets for 35, I think that is a true reflection of his figures,too.  Alan McGilvary

The latest news here is that Warr's declared. Brian Johnston

This pitch is as flat as a dodo.  David Lloyd.

Ray Lindwall has now finished his over, goes over to the umpire, takes his sweater and strides off.  Rex Alston

Paul Allot is the lovely type of chap you want to meet behind the pavilion.  Henry blowfeld

Fred Titmus has two short legs, one of them square.  Brian Johnston.

Cricket the world over, I don't think, will ever know how different things would be without Kerry Packer.  Tony Greig.

The Zimbabwean fans have been quiet; now there are dozens of them starting to expose themselves.  Jonathan Agnew.


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    • SpiffyD profile image

      SpiffyD 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      I like these quotes; some of them were sagacious (like Richie Benaud's), some were cheeky, while others were just absurd. Loved them all though.

    • saish profile image

      saish 7 years ago

      do visit my hub on 20-20 cricket