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The Tricks to Staying a Devoted St. Louis Blues Fan

Updated on March 9, 2013

In the Beginning...

I have been a St. Louis Blues fan for, as of this minute, my entire life. I do not see that as changing anytime soon. So to write something like this is almost painful, but should be therapeutic.

There have been many highs and lows over the years, most of which I was born a bit too late for. I have, however, seen my fair share of upsets. The 20011-20012 season comes to mind in the finals vs. the LA Kings. After a very exciting season we are simply swept away like empty beer cups on the arena floor. It is after watching tonight's 6-4 loss against those same individuals that I feel compelled to compile this list.

Keep Calm...

Most of the time the Blues are a very well rounded team. Unfortunately, when they suffer the loss of a star player or two, the team unit tends to fall apart in the clutch. The good news is that when they are hot, they are really hot. Momentum is a fickle mistress though and is very subject to change.

Enjoy the Tastes of Home...

It is very important to have a cool beverage in hand when watching the Blues play. It serves a dual function for the 60 minutes of ice time. When things are going well it is nice to have something to celebrate with and thoroughly enjoy watching the guys work their magic.

Your beverage of choice (may as well stick to something local if you can find it, Big Red comes to mind) will lubricate the passage that lives between you and your television, channeling your good wishes and happiness straight into the hearts of the boys in blue. This action can be contagious, frequently spreading to others in the vicinity. Please take note, small pets and children should avoid this "channel" as it may disrupt the locals.

On the flip side as things turn for the worse, and you can expect them too, it makes for a handy tool to bolster your own sense of accomplishment. By emptying that beverage you are showing your favorite team how to not leave something unfinished, priming them for their next foray into the deep.

Have a Support Group...

As a Blues fan it does take numbers to get through the rough spells. By surrounding yourself with individuals that are sharing the same triumphs and tribulations, upsets and defeats, you are effectively forming a buttress against shame from other teams fans. Sure the shame will still be thrown in your direction and inevitably absorbed by you but the others in your support group help shield the blow and share the load for the group as a whole.

I would have a quip about success in this area but since Lord Stanley's Cup has not graced the halls of The Checkerdome nor any of the incarnations of the current Scottrade Center, I feel that it would just induce mocking and bad juju...moving on.

Remember it Could Be Worse...

We are lucky as hockey fans to have a season at all for 2012-2013. This may be the best time for the Blues to finally reach the light at the end of the tunnel due to the shortened time frame. Some may still say that its only half a Cup, but whats better, a half a glass of water in hell, or punching that guy who called it half a Cup square in the face with an Al MacInnis signed puck?

Remember that no matter what life throws at our glorious team, we have a fantastic support group in and around the St. Louis area and abroad. We have a plentiful supply of that wonderful golden beverage that keeps our spirits high, or tends our wounds when its low. And we have a team that throughout the years have entertained and given back to their fans even without a championship. So keep on living the dream. It may only live in our heads at the moment, but eventually will run out of room and will have nowhere to go except into the talented hands of the Saints on the ice.

Even still with a 23-0 record, I still firmly believe the Chicago Blackhawks are terrible. Lets Go Blues!!!

Update: 3/8/13 The streak ends at 24 wins. Congratulations to the Colorado Avalanche for bringing the Hawks ego's down a bit!


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    • atechwiz profile image

      atechwiz 5 years ago

      This hub was quite humorous and interesting to read. I have never been a Blues fan nor will I ever be. However, I think that many true fans (not the kind that jump from team to team) can relate. Also, the Blues put out my Sharks in the playoffs last year so there may be a little animosity there.