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The Troy Aikman Syndrome

Updated on April 3, 2012

I liked Troy Aikman as a player. Not only a great pocket passer but what a great leader too. Hell even one of his commercials as a player is one of my all time favorites(see below). Now we get some really bad rent a center commercials with Hulk Hogan. But for the last 11 years what is more depressing is to watch Aikman blow all his talent sitting in a broadcast booth commenting on pro football games with such genius as "The offensive line did a really nice job there". Could there ever have been a more obvious choice for offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys than Troy Aikman? Maybe Roger Staubach?

Staubach, though, did not pursue a career in football after he retired. Troy Aikman has. It seems like everyone has the utmost respect for Troy Aikman's knowledge of the game. Then why hasn't he put that knowledge to good use and kept the Cowboy's winning tradition alive. The answer should be rather obvious to even the most casual fan. It is much easier to evaluate and criticize coaches from the booth than it is to put your own ass on the line and get down on the field and do it yourself. The prevailing attitude, however, through any broadcast is that the color commentator "knows better". He's the expert and he will tell you what both teams are doing wrong or doing right. So it seems enormously hypocritical that a color commentator would not take a job as a coach himself BEFORE moving to the broadcast booth. Or perhaps I should say it's hypocritical of the networks to hire these guys as "experts" when the real "experts" are the coaches who prove their expertise, or lack of it, from game to game.

Let's look at the Cowboys since Aikman retired. They have compiled a truly mediocre 91-85 regular season record, have only won their division twice, and are 1-4 in the playoffs. It's a good thing Tony Romo came to the rescue. What better place to find a franchise quarterback than division I-AA Eastern Illinois where he was so well thought of he went undrafted in 2003. Yes 262 players selected and not one of them was named Tony Romo. Despite Troy Aikman's superior talent, intelligence, and looks, Jessica Simpson decided of all NFL quarterbacks to pursue Romo was at the top of the list. That certainly cemented her as the dumbest bimbo in the world if she wasn't there already. You know Jesse Palmer was picked in the fourth round of the 2001 draft by the New York Giants. Troy Aikman could have made Palmer into a really good pro quarterback. Instead the Cowboys went with the drug addict Quincy Carter in round 2. Oh what could have been.


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