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The U.S. Soccer Team is Against the Odds in 2014 World Cup

Updated on December 8, 2013
The US team
The US team
Even the stadium may not be ready
Even the stadium may not be ready

Woe to the American soccer team in the World Cup. The two things the U.S. coach had hoped would not happen, did, in the team draw for "Pot 3". The first bad thing was like a self fulfilling prophecy- Germany, the No.2 team in the world, was selected. Then, as if that was not bad enough, Ghana was selected. Don't remember them? This is the team that kicked the US out of the 2010 World Cup! Now for the third strike, No.5 rated Portugal was selected. What else could go wrong? Ghana is ranked 24, the US, 14, Germany, 2, and Portugal, 5. It all begins on June 16, 2014. Of course, Ghana's coach agrees with the US coach, saying it is a "Group of Death" for those in it. The Americans called it, "a shark tank". The Portuguese coach is not so sure, he stated that the US soccer team has a lot of skill and experience. He should know, the US team DID beat them in 2002.

Well, the other worst nightmare was the site of the play. Where is the WORST place to play soccer for heat, humidity and flying insects- the Amazon capital of Manaus.

It seems FIFA put the American team in the worst of all time team grouping-bad luck? Is there a more political reason?

So, for the 2014 World Cup, here are groups competing:

Group G, ranked 1 = Germany, Portugal, U.S., Ghana

Group D, ranked 2 = Uruguay, Italy, England, Costa Rica

But, what could be a worse grouping of teams? Based upon a team's ranking, it would consist of:

Germany, Argentina, Brazil, England, Portugal. These are the top rated soccer teams. Despite the "shark tank" the Americans are in, anything can happen on a fluke in sports. The U.S. could beat Germany to move onto the next round. In any case, it should be thrilling to see how the Americans do this time around.

And, why is playing in Manaus such a bad thing? Well, it is not because the city contains about two million people or because of the stadium. It is more about the climate in June. The average temp there in June is a cool 95F, not to mention, the 85% humidity of the Amazon region! Maybe, just maybe, the Americans will get lucky. Maybe, they will have a record low in June of 70F.

I doubt it.


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